It’s a given that the manufacturing and engineering industries are evolving incredibly fast, especially with technological advancements and the talented people joining them. It’s also a given that there are many more talented individuals who are looking to get into this line of work, with specified university courses being one of the best methods of education and preparing these people for the future. Yet even with these prospects, there are many opportunities for these industries to educate and inspire those who may not be too savvy on the subject. It just so happens that one of these opportunities is video, our favourite!

You may be wondering how video can help your manufacturing or engineering business? How can it help your audience understand and get on board with who you are, and what you do? What type of video should you use to educate and showcase your company? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Video is our medium, and it can be yours as well.

The Flagship or Brand Video

Possibly the most integral type of video you could use for your company. This video should be all about you. Tell your audience who your company are, tell them what you do, but most importantly, tell them why. Why you do what you do, what makes you tick. This is the perfect way to give a top-tier presentation forward of yourselves and your brand, and it’s also the best way to share your story. Let your audience know why your brand is so treasured and valuable to you, and why it can be the same for them. Take your viewers for a ride, a journey. You can be super creative with how you do this too, for example our brand video for Esse Engineering tells the story of the making of a Cast Iron cooker from start to finish, visually. With a range of dynamic yet informative shots you can see the passion behind the process, with just a music track to guide you on that journey. It’s exciting and builds in momentum, and the moment of satisfaction you feel when you see the completed cooker at the end feels wholesome and up-lifting. This is just one way of making this type of video, believe us, the possibilities are endless!

The Campaigner

A great way to get your audience involved with your brand is a Campaigner video. This is a video that creates a movement of sorts, an investment of people into your company. You can intertwine this with your Brand video if you like, but this is a video that is really all about your viewers. A video that was produced for Byworth Boilers is an example of a Campaigner. What you’ll notice with this one is the language used. It seems obvious, but the most powerful word to be used in a video such as this is ‘you.’ Including your viewer into your story and your brand will give them a feeling of exclusivity and meaning, and that’s exactly what you want, and what you should do for them. Your video production should be their video production too, it’s your job to invite them to the party, and there is no better way than a video to make them feel at home with your company. As with this example, you’ll notice the use of a hashtag to promote Byworth too. Using hashtags is great for audience engagement, especially in the age of social media. This format allows some key synergy between you and your audience to get your name out there!

The Entertainer

This type of video production can be pretty fun for not just your company, but your audience as well. This is your chance to make your brand exciting and easy-going, who says manufacturing and engineering has to be formal and one note? With an entertaining video you can get your message across in a non-conventional way, unleash your creative side! Our video for PestWest took an animated form, something quite outside the box. Animation is a great way to tell your story through expression, rather than dialogue. Using visual storytelling and a dab of colour here and there can really make your video stand out from the rest, a unique production could do wonders for your company and cast out your competitors! It’s all about capturing your imagination, there’s a whole lot you can do with animation that you’d be restricted to, compared to something in live-action.  Plus, video types like this tend to do very well on social media, so your brand new and sleek looking Entertainer could be the talk of the town… or Twitter.

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