When it comes to editing, there’s no doubt that Adobe Photoshop is the best in the market but it comes at a cost and can take some skill to master.

This blog will list other options for beginners that are free and easy to use to help you add a little boost to all your images and get your social posts looking polished.


Gimp is one of the most popular open source photo editors around and for good reason. It offers almost all features of Photoshop, completely free of charge.

It includes layers, highly customisable brushes, filters and automatic image-enhancement tools, and support for a huge number of plugins.

It has an active community of contributors who work hard to constantly develop the software, ensuring all bugs are dealt with in short timeframes.

The Nik Collection

Google’s Nik Collection is a very impressive bundle of tools – whether you’re using this as an add on with Photoshop, or just on its own. The results are impressive for its lack of a price tag. Unlike most of it’s competitors, it has no limits on the size or number of images you can convert.

Google’s Nik Collection includes the following tools:

    • Analog Efex (retro filters and effects)
    • Color Efex (hue and tone)
    • Silver Efex (monochrome)
    • Dfine (noise removal)
    • Viveza (selective color editing)
    • Sharpener (image sharpening)
    • HDR Efex (high dynamic range


Paint.NET originated as a college project designed as an alternative to Microsoft Paint, but has developed into a fully featured pixel based image editor.

It’s interface is similar to Photoshop and other premium photo editors making it pretty simple to use for those with any prior experience. However if you’re a complete novice, don’t worry! Paint.NET’s simple structure helps anyone to grasp the general concept quickly.

For people who are put off by GIMP’s floating pallets, this may be the structure you’re looking for!

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