We’ve always said that animated video, be it 2D or 3D, is an incredibly effective way of telling your story and selling your services. We’ve created many animated videos for these purposes, and it’s undeniable to say that the vast array of colour, personality and charisma they have doesn’t go a long way. So we’ve decided to move away from our own animated videos and have a look at some other 2D and 3D animated adverts that have done very well in the mainstream.

The Bear and the Hare (John Lewis)

What would this list be without a John Lewis Christmas advert? Of course we have to go for a classic, The Bear and the Hare. With a rendition of ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ by Lily Allen as the backing track, this one is arguably the most popular ad that John Lewis has done. In terms of 2D animation, this looked as though it had just come out of a Disney movie, and perhaps that’s why it clicked with so many of us. The 2D animated video looks gorgeous and still holds up today, it’s hard to deny this isn’t one of their best adverts, or at least one of them.

Say Hello (Headspace)

Headspace is a meditation app that has grown in popularity over recent years. Some of that might be down to their strong marketing, in particular their very fresh looking adverts that have a very distinct style that, if you know the app well, you’ll recognise immediately. This is the perfect example of a 2D animated video production that harnesses the power of fun character designs and a nice colour palate to engage the audience and keep them drawn in. Warm colours and a soft look really help to offer that calm feeling of what meditation has to offer.

The Pony (Three)

A firm favourite in the Shot Blast office. A shetland pony dances to Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Everywhere,’ moonwalking around a cliffside hilariously. Three are known for their silly and sometimes even dark humour, that really sets them apart from the rest of the crowd, and this ad is no exception. Of course this isn’t a real pony, he’s been 3D animated, but that’s the magic of animation. It looks real enough, and if we believe it is just that, then we’re going to have an even more exciting experience with it. It’s a viral hit that uses 3D animation wonderfully!

The Boy Who Learned To Fly (Gatorade)

A brilliant 2D animated video featuring the story of Usain Bolt produced by Gatorade, who you wouldn’t believe produced it considering they’re really not featuring their branding here at all. This is a rather inspirational advert made for the 2016 RIO Olympics that went viral, and it’s easy to see why. It’s effective, impactful and fabulously animated to demonstrate a message in a way only 2D animation could. It’s a long campaign video, but it’s worth the watch just to see it’s dazzling visuals and humble story.

Dumb Ways To Die (Metro Trains)

Dumb Ways To Die was an unexpected viral hit for Metro Train Melbourne, who released this campaign safety video about little animated characters dying in, as the name suggests, dumb ways, in a fun way to promote rail safety. It’s success is unmatched, spawning a mobile game, tons of parodies and of course with success like this, a couple of sequels. As of the date of this blogs publication, it sits at over 212,000,000 views! Impressive. Like Headspace, the quirky style and variety of different colours make this a 2D animated advert worthy of your attention. The song is ridiculously catchy too!

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