Online Courses, or E-Learning in general is a type of service that is becoming more and more prominent in our current internet, business and training landscape. What is e-learning? Well it’s a type of service where you can learn all the best skills to better yourself in a certain area of expertise, all from guides that are usually in video format, so essentially video classes. There are specific online learning sites such as Lynda, a subsite from LinkedIn that has a variety of video courses to learn from. There’s also Skillshare, an even more prominent one that is rising to a substantial popularity. But why are these sites and online courses so beneficial for you and your business?

At time of writing this blog, we’re still in lockdown. For that reason, e-learning sites are so important today. People can’t go out to do proper training courses with a variety of skills you could learn in a physical sense due to social distancing. So, how have people been learning? Through the internet, and through those who create online video courses for others to learn from. And it seems as though this will be a set standard for the future too. Now that people know this is a more cost effective way of teaching, people will use it more, it’s definitely here to stay.  On-demand learning is easy and effective. Which leads us to another advantage.

The Benefits of Online Courses and E-Learning Tutorials 1

Online training is cheap and affordable. Even more so, then having to pay for the resources, the travel, and even catering that a physical training course would have. Most of these e-learning sites are reasonably priced, and usually have various subscription models that include something for everyone, and reasonable costs for any model. If you can afford it, you can use it for all of your staff, in an instant. And with a variety of different online courses, at different levels ranging from beginner to expert, there really is something for everyone.

It should also be worth mentioning that these sites are a lot like Netflix in a sense. You’re paying a monthly/annual price from the get-go, and you’re getting new content constantly. It’s exactly the same with these course, and if you can think of it, there will be probably be something that can train you already on the site, or one to come. The longevity of your use of one of these sites will really pay off. Are you using Adobe Premiere Pro and need to solve a specific problem like saving a colour preset? You’re bound to find something on these e-learning sites to help you in an instant.

The Benefits of Online Courses and E-Learning Tutorials 2

There are a lot of people who would benefit from a one-on-one course, and online video courses are a perfect way to do this. Most training courses are never done one-on-one due to cost. With an online video course, a user can learn when, where and how they want. If they need to pause their training to take a break, they can. No problem. If they’re commuting for example, they can learn by watching a course on their phone. Perhaps they want to learn after work hours or on a weekend. They can! There are by far many more pros that outweigh the ones from a physical training course.

There’s so much you can get out of an e-learning site. We’ve discovered that these benefits are so useful for so many people, that we’ve even started our own e-learning site full of useful content you can apply to your business, as well as a forum to talk to other members and free downloadable videos you can utilise. You can find out more about this affordable service here. Consider what is best for your employees/co-workers, especially during lockdown times.  Perhaps they would prefer to learn this way? As we come out of lockdown, this will absolutely be something that will be here to stay.

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