Hi X

It’s Lotty from Shot Blast Here.

I know we’ve not seen each other as much lately so I’ve recorded this short video to bring you up to speed on a few new developments that could help you now or in the future.

If you’re not already signed up to our BRAND NEW resources hub  – The Alchemy of Film – then you’re missing a trick. This free resource is simple and easy to use – designed to help you save time and money. Check out the link to get access now.

Film has always been our backbone but animation now closely accounts for half of our business. 2D animation and 3D animation –  ideal for both marketing and internal communications.

Interactive video is newer technology we can offer – ideal for training and induction programmes but also for marketing where you want your audience to choose and interact with their own content. You can use it with or without existing content to give your communications an extra layer of interactivity.

Virtual reality production is our newest service and provides a fully immersive experience. Put on a headset, grab a controller and you’ll get lost in a virtual world. Great applications for this technology include walkthroughs, customer experiences and marketing. It also has that wow factor if you’re looking for something really different!

Finally, we’ve found that a lot of our clients are producing more of their own social media content. So we’ve developed a new video training program to help clients produce more professional looking DIY content- working with just a phone or tablet.

We’re always here to help, so just get in touch if you want to chat about anything new and of course pass on our details to anyone else requiring some help.

Thanks for watching and look forward to touching base soon.