What is video training?

Video training is a course designed to help you hone your filmmaking skills in creating social media videos for your business. The course covers set-up, pre-production, production and then post-production. When you’re done you should be able to create your own short videos for posting on social media.

Why is video training important?

It’s important to have this video training so you are prepared to produce the best content you possibly can. Yes, taking out your phone and filming yourself sounds easy enough, but in order to really grab your audience, you need to create something with more production value and detail. Many companies would like to create these types of easy and quick snippets for social media, all with the professionalism and and hooks for your audience. Of course, to produce these videos you need the know-how to do so.

What equipment do I need for video training?

You just need to bring your smartphone or tablet device you plan to create your videos with. The course is designed for you to work with no equipment other than a device and an app. At this stage it’s all about working well with the basics and making something from the palm of your hand.

Who is video training for?

Video training is for anyone who wants to create their own social media video content. This includes anyone in marketing, sales, comms and PR. If social media video production is something you seek to pursue, this course is for you. It’s for anyone you work with who handles or is part of your in house content creation.

What does video training cover?

First up is pre-production. This will cover all the work you need to do before shooting. This will include going over equipment and set-up, and also your scripting and storyboarding if you need it.

Then you have the actual production will cover everything you need to know in producing the film. How exactly you shoot, how you should go about composing your shot and the techniques needed in directing your focus.

Post-production will go over the editing process. Looking at the best software and apps to use, and all the techniques to created a well edited video. It will also cover how to market your finished product the best.