Since the pandemic started, it has given us time to slow down and reflect on many things, including business in particular. We’ve missed so many opportunities to meet and connect with clients and contacts old, new and potential. Instead, we’ve done it remotely, as good as it is, it is limited in a way. You miss making those connections with new people and learning from them. We’d hope a lot of our network could learn a lot from our experiences too, so we’d like to share our inspiration wall. If we have ideas we add them in the middle of the board. But our quotes and inspirational thoughts are shared around the edges. Here’s some of our favourites. 

Pieces From Our Inspiration Wall 1

This one is great for when you talk about peaks and troughs in your career and business. When things get quiet, you get worried as a business owner. You like to be busy, as everyone does. If you’re overwhelmed with work,  you’re in a good place, as this gives you plenty of drive. We like this image as it is a really good analogy not to give up, regardless of your position. It’s a reminder to keep digging away and keeping that momentum going. Persistence pays off, as there’s always a diamond at the end of the road.

Pieces From Our Inspiration Wall 2

This one is a firm favourite. A kid pulling a power pose. This is all about standing up straight in the mirror saying ‘yeah, I got this,’ giving yourself some positive affirmation. Say you’re about to do a presentation and you’re feeling nervous. The power pose is about changing your state, using a physical pose, giving yourself a boost to help mentally prepare you. It’s a great way to boost your confidence when you’re feeling anxious.

Pieces From Our Inspiration Wall 3

What we like about this one is it’s message. Everything you want is on the other side of fear. You should always be encouraged to step outside your comfort zone. Look at the most successful people in the world. They’ve all had to take uncomfortable steps in their career but of course, they’ve all paid off. Fear is human instinct but it can be a good thing in helping you overcome obstacles. It gives you an extra sense of drive.

Pieces From Our Inspiration Wall 4

Two ears, one mouth, used in proportion. People do struggle a lot with listening, and there is so much of it in business. Staff, mentoring, working with clients, listening is crucial and absolutely important. It’s a powerful tool to really actively listen and respond. Sometimes we get excited and talk over people, and that shows you really have to stand back a lot of the time and take everything in. Listening is a vital skill, even though we may think it isn’t one.

Pieces From Our Inspiration Wall 5

SW SW SW SW! What does this mean? It stands for ‘some will, some won’t, so what, someone’s waiting.’ One of my our first employees picked this up and shared it. It’s all about handling rejection, but also about remembering there are other opportunities out there. Win some, you lose some. Remember, it’s business and it’s not personal. Competition is good and healthy and a lot of the time we do forget this. Competition drives you to do better next time, or to go above and beyond to do better than who you’re up against. 

We wanted to do this as it’s a nice way to share some things we’ve learnt on our journey with Shot Blast Media. It’s all about personal development and learning from others. We’ve sponged up everything that we’ve learnt and then have filtered the things that appeal to us and are most relevant. For us, they’re all significant life mantras. We hope some of these mantras help you too.

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