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During 2022, we worked on some phenomenal projects, with some incredible clients!

Our team at Shot Blast Media are so proud to be able to share these favourite video projects with you in this blog!

Towards the middle of 2022, we produced a brilliant corporate brand launch video for Swift Fibre Yorkshire.

Swift Fibre is a telecommunications and broadband company, and the video showcases their new business launch in the rural Yorkshire area.

We also worked on a corporate video project with Ardagh Glass Packaging during 2022, showing the businesses sustainability strategy.

Shot Blast Media used exciting graphics, as well as video shots on their site, to show their fully recyclable glass.

A project that we really enjoyed working on was the football World Cup themed subscription video for Foregale.

Byron Sheldon, our camera operator and editor for subscription videos, shot and edited this project on their site in Leeds, and it’s a charming promotional video to showcase their staff and products!

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As part of our video subscription content, we also made a fantastic Christmas parody video for Romantica Beds during December, again, shot and edited by Byron.

Romantica manufactures beds and mattresses, and are subscribed to our video production packages service. They’re a fantastic client to work with and their team is incredibly fun, as you can see in the video!

Moving on to our animated video productions, we have worked with Curtiss-Wright on a new promotional 3D animation.

This 3D animation looks spectacular and works extremely well with the funky music and colour theme chosen by our animation team.

We also produced a great 2D animated boat safety explainer for Mareel.

The video’s theme works well with the animated characters and clearly shows the safety features needed on boats. 

It’s important to create safety animations that stand out and have a clear voice, as these will ensure rules are followed and everyone is kept safe.

Find out more about our expertise in creating health and safety videos and animations.

Last year, we even created a 2D animated video using a brilliant British Sign Language interpreter for Leeds Safeguarding Adults Board, supporting people to be safe from neglect and abuse.

This was a fantastic project to work on, and it was very interesting to see how sign language interpreters work behind the camera.

We also had lots of fun creating comedic skit videos last year with our team!

We produced our evil twin skit at Halloween, featuring Maddy and her secret evil twin, and a Christmas movie quiz in December, which you can play along with!

We also created an Adobe Premiere Pro edit video of the Christmas quiz which you can watch here.

Shot Blast Media have some exciting projects on our books at the moment and we can’t wait to share them with you in 2023.

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