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Leeds, a vibrant city in West Yorkshire, has been a popular location for filmmakers and video production companies, including Shot Blast Media!

Over the years, several movies have been filmed in Leeds, showcasing its diverse landscapes and unique architecture.

The city’s rich history and modern infrastructure make it an ideal backdrop for various genres of films. 

From period dramas to contemporary thrillers, Leeds offers a versatile range of locations that can bring any story to life on the silver screen.

One notable film shot in Leeds is The Damned United (2009), which tells the largely fictional story of legendary football manager Brian Clough’s ill-fated, 44-day reign, as the coach of Leeds United.

The movie captures the essence of Leeds during the 1970s and features iconic landmarks such as Elland Road Stadium, home to Leeds United Football Club. This 2009 film was adapted from the 2006 bestselling novel “The Damned Utd”.

The film used the real Elland Road football stadium for the scene where Brain Clough has a talk with the team in the tunnel facing the pitch. 

Other locations used in Leeds include; Headingley Stadium, the former Cookridge Hospital site and a linen hire firm in Armley.

Interestingly, the film has been criticised by the Clough family as they claim it was not a true story of events.

Another film that utilised Leeds as its filming location is Brassed Off (1996), a heartwarming comedy-drama set against the backdrop of a colliery brass band. 

This movie showcases various areas of Leeds, including its industrial heritage and charming suburban neighbourhoods.

Emmerdale is one of Leeds’ greatest TV exports. The long-running soap (1972-present) is set in the fictional Yorkshire village of Emmerdale and is filmed between the ITV Studios in Kirkstall Road and a purpose-built set in Harewood. Some filming also takes place in Leeds and Otley.

Filming for the hit BBC period crime drama Peaky Blinders (2013-present) has taken place at several Leeds locations, including Leeds Town Hall, City Varieties and Studio 81 on Kirkstall Road.

Have you recognised any Leeds locations whilst watching Peaky Blinders?

Based on the true-life experiences of Dave Fishwick; Bank of Dave (2023) tells the story of how a working class Burnley man and self-made millionaire fought to set up a community bank.

Bank of Dave was filmed at Park Square, Duck and Drake, Bond Court, Wellington Street, and many more Leeds locations! 

A feel-good drama following the story of car dealer Dave Fishwick, Bank of Dave has been a runaway hit since debuting this year.

Another film that showcases Leeds is Four Lions (2010), a dark comedy that explores the lives of four aspiring terrorists. 

The film was shot in a variety of locations across Leeds, including Hyde Park and Headingley Stadium. 

Four Lions offers an unconventional perspective on the city’s urban landscape. Have you seen this film?

The History Boys (2006), based on Alan Bennett’s play of the same name, features scenes filmed at Leeds Grammar School.

The movie tells the story of a group of students preparing for their university entrance exams and highlights some of Leeds’ historic educational institutions.

In recent years, there has been an increase in film productions choosing Leeds as their filming destination.

The city’s vibrant cultural scene and picturesque surroundings have attracted filmmakers looking for unique settings to tell their stories.

From small independent productions to big-budget blockbusters, the allure of filming in Leeds continues to grow. 

Its combination of urban landscapes, scenic countryside, and historical architecture provide filmmakers with endless possibilities for creating visually captivating movies.

Overall, with its diverse range of locations and supportive infrastructure for video production companies, it’s no wonder that many filmmakers choose Leeds as their preferred destination for capturing captivating stories on film.

Do you know of any other movies or TV shows filmed in Leeds? Let us know!

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