Timpsons Engineering approached us with an out of date corporate brand video that didn’t show the company in its best light. They’ve been in the mechanical engineering industry for over 80 years and have a highly skilled, talented workforce that deliver products to top specification.

To rid them of this out of date video content, we’re now  building them a shiny new corporate video production that’s going to align with their impeccable standards and truly raise their brand awareness.

Keep your eyes peeled for a cinematic release featuring quirky transitions and mysterious reveals. We have a feeling this project is going to be an absolute show stopper.

Get rolling out that red carpet!

Timpsons Engineering, are a mechanical engineering company based in Kettering are one of our newest clients.

Their philosophy abides by 3 simple goals:

    • To support their customers by providing superior products and services of exceptional value and quality which help them gain a competitive advantage in their markets.
    • To support their employees by providing a pleasant, nurturing and growth oriented environment which encourages our employees to be highly productive and to grow personally and professionally.
    • Finally to support their owners by develop diversified markets which provide stability and adequate financial returns which allow us to achieve our goals.

We took the time to show each process adding a range of dynamic transitions to increase the intensity of this production.

We didn’t just stop at that, we ensured high contrast of colour ran through each shot, adding to the overall ‘Hollywood’ finish of this production. We wanted big visuals, we wanted a cinematic production, so that’s what we brought to the table.

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