Pro-Sight approached us with the task of creating an exhibition video for the launch of their new app, a unique idea tailored towards monitoring and tracking glass bottle lines. The video production we made for them show’s off the app’s capabilities, including the way you can track each and every bottle that goes down the line – as well as being able to identify areas of lost production. There’s so much more this app can do, a video was the best way to demonstrate how helpful it was.


With the app being cloud powered, it’s definitely a useful and unique idea. We were extremely excited to get to work on the video with Pro-Sight and tell their story.

Meet our corporate brand video client, Pro-Sight 1

Pro-Sight deliver imaginative solutions and services to better their customers needs, just as we do, so it was a match made in heaven for us.
idea of the app is to enhance the experience of those working with bottle lines and check line efficiencies, and just like the app, our video is straight to the point and displays the idea in it’s full glory. Innovation at it’s best!

We’re also very glad to say that Pro-Sight were really pleased with the finished product, it was produced to a very tight timescale in time for their latest exhibition. To see the video in full, follow the link below!

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