We’re unfortunately in the midst of a second lockdown. It only feels like we’ve just comes out of the last lockdown, so it has been a big blow for a lot of businesses. It means now, more than ever, companies are going to have to take on this second lockdown by ramping up their digital marketing. Part of this will be engaging your audience with strong and creative video content. We’ve talked a lot about how you can utilise video in lockdown, but this time we’re going to guide you on how you can use DIY video to your advantage during these unprecedented times.

DIY video is exactly how it sounds. Do It Yourself video content. Whilst we would always recommend using a video production company to create a high end corporate video, there will be many businesses who don’t have the budget or it isn’t the right time for them to have a fresh piece of quality work done for them. That’s why using your initiative to create and repurpose your own video content may be an easier, and potentially more fruitful option for you.

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Firstly, if you have any video content already, a good option would be to repurpose the content into something new. For example, you many want to repost the video for your audience. Or, if you’re wanting to do something different with it, you could re-edit the video with some of the B-roll footage you have from a shoot that you haven’t used. If you have worked with a video production company to have this video made, ask if they would be able to re-edit something fresh for you. This keeps the cost down and adds something new to something old, reinventing something to make it fresh.

Of course, it’s not always about quality. During the pandemic, lots of creatives have used their phone cameras and computer webcams to create often raw and unedited videos that still have a lot of influence because of the current times and the difficulties with amplifying video quality. Of course, we would always say to focus on video quality first, and you can still do that with this type of content creation. Filming a video on your phone and using a free video editing app can make you a very simple, yet charming video that you can use to promote yourselves. Everyone is aware of the pandemic and restrictions effecting a lot of people, so don’t feel like your video isn’t good enough, it’s very much the simple things that will resonate with people the most at the moment.

Lockdown Video Ideas: DIY Content For Business 2

If video content is something you specialise in with your digital marketing, it is more than likely that your company has it’s own YouTube channel. Not a lot of people know this, but YouTube is basically another version of Google, where Search Engine Optimisation is key in making your platform visible. So, go back through your YouTube library and change your title, descriptions, tags and playlists. Research your top keywords, ones that relate to your video, and use them to influence how you change these elements. This will help to make your channel and it’s videos as visible as possible. Lots of companies don’t utilise or realise the important of YouTube SEO, and now is the perfect to do so. Make you sure you change the look of your channel too, change your thumbnails and cover art to help keep things fresh.

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