It’s a common mistake that if the business you work for is a corporate industry, that your messages need to be stiff…boring…unmoving.

We here at Shot Blast Media want to shatter these myths and help all companies to realise that a more bold or fun approach can be a better way to go, and we’ll explain exactly why.

When it comes to marketing or promotional videos, especially relating to complex products, it can be challenging to think further outside the box than just trying to visually convey how it works.

Whilst it’s important to explain technical products and educate your audiences about what you do, no one wants to be bombarded with facts, they want you to connect with them and show them why they need your product.

People go on about how their market won’t be interested in ‘that’ when they think of pushing the boundaries of what’s expected. Your market is made up of people, humans, just like you and me. They’re all interested in messages that make them feel something.

So, when your next looking into your marketing, what should you think about?

    • Emphasise the pain point for your client, make it relatable – Resonate with your audience
    • Keep it simple
    • Incite an emotion!
    • Show your product or service in action, even if it’s not for it’s usual us
    • Be visually interesting

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