An interactive video production company create a special type of video that is an ideal tool to help enhance a corporate video productions that requires some interaction and input from the user. The term interactive video usually refers to a technique used to blend interaction and linear film or video. You can use interactive video for a number of different experiences. They can be used to create training courses and e-learning programmes. They can also be used to create immersive marketing experiences for consumers. The possibilities are quite endless, especially with the large set of tools given to develop these interactive videos. Check out our example below:

Interaction video is normally developed in two parts. The content itself, so this may be in the form of a live action video, animated video or simple animated slide format or a mixture, to create the ‘slides’ and sections in between questions or interactive parts. This part of the content would normally contain the learning points, educational material or marketing content for the audience to engage with and understand to prepare them for whatever they will be interacting with.

The second part of the interactive video are the interactive elements required where the user has clickable tasks and actions as a result of watching the video. For example these may be things like hotspots where the user clicks in a certain area of the video. It might include questions where the user has to select an answer in a multiple choice format or make a decision on what the next step will be in the process. You can add a 360 option that adds the functionality for your audience to drag the screen within a video frame to get a 360 degree experience. You can also use branches that give your audience the opportunity to choose the way they view the video, interacting with different options that can give them a totally unique view of the content. You can develop quizzes, which are perfect for virtual training courses. These combine a mix of buttons and branching paths to create a quiz in which your audience can be assessed on certain topics. Usually there will be a certain time in which the user must answer these questions under a certain sense of pressure. These elements are created within a specific 3rd party software platform and then exported normally in an embed code to be accessed elsewhere.

How do you access your interactive video? Depending on the hosting platform, it is normally hosted on a landing page where the embed code is placed. For companies this might be an area on their website or intranet that is accessed by staff only. Some companies may have their own learning management system that can act as the host for the content and interactive questions in a more basic format, making it a lot easier for people to get to and find everything in one space. 3rd party hosting platforms normally give more options for the interactive video and this can be managed by your video content provider. Depending on what hosting party is chosen, you can check on the progress of your users and how exactly they’ve been interacting with the content. These are analytical in a way and gives you a lot more information on your audience and how you can adapt your interactive video in the future.

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