Despite this 2020’s unfortunate circumstances, we’ve still been able to work and to create plenty of helpful video content for our clients and contacts. Industrial Videography has still been incredibly important to so many this year, and we couldn’t be more happy to assist those looking for corporate video for this business. So what have we cooked up this year? Well, here are a few of our favourite videos, and why they are our favourite.

Our Brand Film for Glencroft

A few months ago we travelled to the Yorkshire Dales to create a beautiful brand film for Glencroft, a wool clothing manufacturer. It was very exciting to create this film and tell this special story. We mixed corporate video and drone videography to capture a sense of the Dales and the story of the family featured.

Our Product Videos for Gentex Europe

We created a series of videos detailing the products of Gentex Europe, a company that manufacture industrial respiratory protections systems. We developed four videos, each focusing on a different product for different circumstances, in which we blended corporate video and 3D animation to detail their products, on how they looked in the flesh and also how they were put together, exampled by the animation.

Our Social Distancing Videos

Mid-year, we developed a series of 2D animated videos outlining social distancing and COVID-19 safety guidelines, for use in all workplaces. This was a huge and important campaign for the year especially with the dire need of these communications to keep people safe during the pandemic, and we’re honoured to have helped so many of the businesses that we did this year with them.

Our 2D Animated Video for Ardagh

As with Glencroft, we told a story about family with this 2D animation for our client Ardagh. Using some newly designed character models we told the a very special narrative about a very inventive idea involving wine being served in a new and sustainable way. We’ve developed a lot of animated videos this year but this one feels like a brand film with animation as it’s design, which is something we haven’t quite done before.

Dental Bone Grafting Explainer Video for EthOss

We got to make a 3D animated explainer video for a line of work that is very different for us this year. Creating an in-depth examination of dental bone grafting, we designed something quite unique for the medical industry, something we’d yet to tackle until 2020. We’re very excited to further this work and do more for the industry going forward.

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