Images are a great way to show off your company with visual flair on social media, but whilst they may be simple in thought to take and upload, many social media posters don’t know or maybe don’t understand how image sizes and dimensions work. Every social media platform is massively different with how they want to show images posted, every single one uses a different set of rules so sometimes it can be hard to determine if the image you have will show in full sometimes. In this guide we’re going to give you a crash course on the best tips to make sure your perfect image is showing in full.

Doing this will aid you in avoiding pixilation and bad looking image stretching. You want your images to look professional after all. It also ensures that your audience are seeing the full picture. Incorrect sizing and dimensions might cut off some of your brand’s messaging. Most people scrolling through will only see what dimensions the channel shows them, and their quick scrolling habits will mean they most likely won’t open the full image to see everything. You need to grab them immediately with your full image. It’s also worth knowing all these sizes as it could mean less work for your brand in the future, as sometimes these platforms change up how images display now and again. In terms of audience engagement, your photos need to be optimized for each social channel’s feed as well. So without further ado, here are the image guidelines you need:

Profile Picture – 320×320
Portrait Image – 1080×1350
Landscape Image – 1080×566
Square Image – 1080×1080

Profile Picture – 400×400
Header Image – 1500×500
Image Post Max – 1600×1900
Image Post Min – 600×335

Profile Picture – 170×170
Cover Image – 851×315
Image Post Max – 1200×630
Image Post Min – 600×315

Profile Picture – 400×400
Cover Image 1584×396
Image Post – 1200×627

But how exactly do you resize these images? Well there is a plethora of apps and certain software you can use. If you have Photoshop this is hands down the best software to use, but there are plenty of websites you can use for free too. is a popular one we’d wholly recommend as it’s very quick and easy to use, and B.I.R.M.E is another great one if you want to resize your images in batches, all at once.

So with all this in mind, next time you go to post an image update, you’re going to have a clearer idea on what your image should look like, and how exactly your audience are going to see it. 

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