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At Shot Blast Media, we LOVE creating funny skits to share with our audience!

Skits make for great engagement on social media, and can be a form of guerrilla marketing for your business to increase brand awareness and generate sales.

They can also be used for internal acquisition strategies, and generally to introduce your team.

Social media audiences love seeing more personal forms of content, so skits are great to show off who you work with and your office!

Here’s our top tips on how to make a social media ready skit scene to share with your viewers!

  1. Get your whole team involved! You’ll need people to act, film, direct and edit the skit!
  2. Have an ‘ideas’ meeting with the team. Pick a viable concept from the ideas and get started on planning characters and a beginning, middle and ending.
  3. Make a script beforehand and familiarise yourself with it.
  4. Make a location list and shot list. Where will the camera need to be when filming? Will you use close-ups or wide-shots? How many different angles will you film from?
  5. Work out timings. How long will it take to film and edit? When does the skit need to be ready by?
  6. Have a readthrough of the script with the whole cast and crew. Make any changes to the script that are necessary, and make sure to listen to everyone’s feedback. Does the script get laughs? Make sure the intended comedy is noticeable in the readthrough.
  7. Get costumes and props ready.
  8. Start filming! We recommend using a tripod so the video looks more professional, and if using a phone, make sure to film in landscape unless using the skit on TikTok or Instagram Reels. Make sure there is good lighting on location too.
  9. When filming is complete, you can start editing. We use the Adobe Premiere suite to edit our videos, but there are lots of free editing softwares to use too! 
  10. Put a rough draft together and show it to the team. Listen to any feedback and make the changes. Skits between 30 seconds and 2 minutes are the best length. 
  11. Add any music, text, subtitles and special effects to the skit.
  12. Put together a catchy caption with a call to action if posting on social media.
  13. Upload the video and tag everyone involved in the skit on the post. Upload the skit to YouTube for extra channel content too. Reply to all comments on the video uploads for extra engagement.
  14. You can even make a bloopers reel from the original footage for even more comedic content on your channels!
  15. Note down the results from the post! Keeping track of analytics is great to show the development of your social media channels over time.

Got any more top tips on creating a skit for social media? Let us know! [email protected] | 0113 288 3245

Find out about how we can help you make a comedic social media skit for your business here.

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Shot Blast Media
social media skit
Shot Blast Media
Comedic skit for social media
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