Health and safety is incredibly important in all industries, particularly in manufacturing, engineering, construction and energy. Large sites, heavy plant and equipment and technical processes, create the need for effective safety communications. To ensure staff and contractors can operate safely. The importance of health and safety has never been more integral in looking after your employees and making sure they maintain a strong and chipper working life. Of course, this can always be regarded as the ‘boring’ stuff by your staff.

You may want to change your health and safety courses or lectures into something a bit more exciting and digestible for your audience, and that’s why we’re here to tell you that video may be your answer. Watching a video sure beats reading through pages and pages of your safety guidelines. The best thing about video is you can turn those pages into a script that can be translated in a more invigorating way on screen. If you don’t believe us, here’s an example of one of our health & safety videos for Engie.

With that, here’s how you can engage your staff with a video production on health and safety.

Expansive Formats

The best thing about video is that the platform is very expansive, meaning you can delve into different formats of video. As with the example above, animation is a great option for these types of videos. It makes the video a whole lot more colourful and exciting, and with animation the possibilities are endless. That doesn’t mean you can’t do anything live-action, this can be just as engaging! Doing a ‘show and tell’ video can cement your health and safety methods in to your audiences heads better than a drawing would for example.

Utilising a Voice

Whilst is it opportune to use visual methods in your video, a voiceover can really help capture the attention of your staff. Picking the most suitable voice that helps to represent your company is a must. This is especially key if those watching your video are new employees, as it will give them more of a sense of what your company is about. Whether it’s a soft voice, or a gruff but clear voice, picking the right one that is suited can really grab your audience in different ways. Of course, it beats reading the information off of a piece of paper when you have someone speaking to you – it almost feels like a conversation.


Multi language versions of your video can be extremely useful if you need the information working abroad, or if some of your staff speak another language. It’s inexpensive once you’ve produced the video to put it into other language, editing to change text or to place a new voiceover in is not a hard job. This is something very minimal you can do with your video but it makes a massive impact if needed.

Quick and Easy

With video, you can condense all of your information into bitesize chunks. We realise that you could have a lot of information, after-all, there’s a whole lot to health and safety. That’s why video is the best for this. You can communicate your information through visual means, making the information a lot quicker and easier to process. Combining this through voiceover is also a great option if you want to communicate a few different things at once, sound and visuals go well hand in hand to give you a faster way of delivering your information.

Accessible anywhere

Well, this is a given! The digital video format is incredibly convenient, being able to access your video through the cloud, your YouTube channel or even a USB stick can save your skin if you can’t get your hands on the physical copy. So, if you’ve ever gone and left your folder full of your health and safety documents at home, having a video you can access anywhere can provide you with a sigh of relief.

Include an element of fun

Health and safety doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. With a video, your opportunities are endless. Why not have some fun with the subject? Work with your video production company to incorporate some humour into the script, or even incorporate some visual comedy – it is a video after all! This can make all the difference, if you have something lighthearted in tone for a sensitive subject matter, it can make your video all the more enjoyable and understandable.

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