We all love a good review. There is nothing better than getting amazing feedback from those you have gone out of your way for, to deliver the best possible experience or product. We recently received a couple of glowing reviews from some of our clients via Google Reviews and LinkedIn, and the feeling of another’s happiness due to our passion to tell their story felt great.

”Lotty and the Shot Blast team filmed a large number of our products over a week-long project. They were easy to work with and very accommodating of our needs, both in terms of capturing the right footage and editing specifically to our requirements.” – George Brazil

“Fantastic work by Lotty and the team at shotblast! Very easy and quick to work with. Amazing!” – Josh Hoyle

We’re very appreciative of these reviews, and that’s why we always go one step further with them. Reviews are incredibly important to your business and rightly so. But, you could be doing so much more with them than just receiving them. That’s why we want to give you a guide in how you can get the most out of your reviews, because there is plenty you can do with them!

1. Sharing your reviews

This may seem pretty simple and obvious, but there are many companies out there who receive their reviews and just hope they get noticed. We say you should embrace your reviews! Social Media is there to share these comments and thoughts so your next line of clients can see all the good work you’ve done. LinkedIn and Google My Business are two sites in particular where sharing these will work a treat with potential customers. Be proud!

2. Replying

Your client is going to feel extremely positive about their review, if you send a message back. Simple sure, but manners cost nothing! A thank you and a show of gratitude can really make your client’s day and may even get them to come back to you for more. Plus, showing your gratitude and interaction with clients can look great to those who are considering working with you – every little thing counts! Be sure to do this especially for Google Reviews. Not only will your positive words be seen by those searching for your area of business, but inserting keywords for your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) into the replies could improve your search ranking tremendously.

3. Reviewing your clients

We have to say, if you haven’t received a review from a client, it’s always nice to review them anyway. Even if you’ve done a service for them, reviewing your clients as customers will never hurt. Their potential clients will see what great people they are, what they are like to work with, and it can give off a positive vibe about you too. In response, you may even get a review back from them. There’s a lot of opportunity here and it really shows the relationship you both share to others, and people like that.

4. Utilising Yelp

Yelp is one of the biggest review platforms out there, and if you haven’t got a business account set up with them, it may be a wise idea to do so! Yelp ranks highly on Google search results, and a customer is going to be inclined to see the best rated and reviewed companies in your area. Building up a profile (one may already have been made for you) could really boost your numbers. People searching for reviews are a lot more likely to visit Yelp, so it’s always best to have a page there. Remember to keep it updated with new content from time to time!

5. Google Reviews

Google is everyone’s best friend on the internet, and it’s probably going to be your best bet for your business to get noticed. Reviews help massively here, especially in conjunction with SEO. In our case for example, searching Google for ‘Video Production Leeds’ will bring up Shot Blast Media on the search page with our ratings and number of reviews. A customer is going to pick you out from the crowd if you have five stars and a ton of reviews. So, if a client wants to leave you a review, asking them to leave it on Google could make all the difference!

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