Drone video is a form of video production that is very well established now. It’s the use of a drone camera to capture large landscapes and cityscapes from a birds eye view position, and in our present climate, companies are racing to have drone films of their own made. With that being said, what are the benefits of having a drone video?

For the construction sector in particular, drones allow for easy capture of a site or landscape, that you couldn’t possibly do with a film crew. The pilot can do multiple shoots showing the progression of your site, allowing you to update your audience on what’s new and what your site will eventually become. Drone video is perfect or site surveys, to help measure areas of land or provide a closer inspection of a tower or tank for example that may require maintenance.

With a skilled pilot at the helm, a drone can film all around your site, on top, as close as you need, and even inside a building for you. This can be for site survey, inspection and for marketing purposes.

The popularity of using drones has escalated over the past few years and for the construction sector this has been a key way of capturing site progress on an epic scale and showcase this to your audience. It’s popularity is always increasing as the technology improves, as does the amount of people devoting their careers to being drone pilots.

Are there any restrictions you should know about before considering drone video? Depending on your site and where you are, mostly anything can be filmed as long as you have a license. However the drone can’t fly over roads as this  is restricted – this can’t be done in any fashion so it should always be done on site or if you have special permissions if you need to cross over roads. You also can’t fly a drone within 50 metres of any person, vehicle or building not controlled by you. In addition some areas of land may have certain perimeter restrictions such as nuclear power stations and airspaces. Some sites will allow you to fly within a restricted area providing permission is granted first.

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