What is a CGI architectural walkthrough?

A 3D animated video production that gives your audience a detailed view of how a building will look when finished. The walkthrough element comes through as the ‘camera’ moves around the plan of the building.

CGI Architectural Walkthrough 1

Why is a CGI architectural walkthrough useful for your business?

Many construction companies, architects and property developers will want to show their clients what their building will look like, not just from a drawing. A CGI is a creative and detailed way of showing how the finished building will look, helping end clients to visualise the final quality.

Are there any other benefits to CGI architectural walkthroughs?

The beauty of animation is that you can use it for many different communications. One of the main benefits it that it allows for content to be created where live action is limited or not possible. You can use animation and CGI to create certain things you may not have at your disposal, or even take things apart to show the detailing of an object for your audiences closer inspection if needed.

CGI Architectural Walkthrough 2

Are these walkthroughs interactive?

With the use of 360 degree video technology, you can make them interactive. This technology is very similar to Google Street Map. Using the CGI models as 360 images, a client can click around the rooms to see what it is they exactly want to see. This can even be done in video form, as the camera flies through the building a client can pause to look at things that peak their interest in the animation. Having an interactive walkthrough gives an extra layer of control to the audience allowing them to inspect the building in more detail, from every angle they choose.

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