‘Tales from the Couch’ Episode 2: Christmas Film Review

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbdZdMg6ij4&feature=youtu.be In this episode of Tales from the Couch, Lotty, Sam and David pick out their favourite festive quotes, moments and all round best Christmas movies out there. Your Industrial Story Starts Here Press the button. Make the call. Transform your media. +44 (0)113 288 3245 [email protected] Contact Us

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5 Key Marketing Videos You Need To Be Aware Of

Hi its Lotty from Shot Blast Media and this week I'm gonna talk to you about five key marketing videos that you need to be aware of: the brand film, the case study, the short snippet, the explainer and the kickstarter. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UAS0s2m1pE&feature=youtu.be Your Industrial Story Starts Here Press the button. Make the call. Transform your media. +44 (0)113 288 3245 [email protected] Contact Us

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‘Tales from the Couch’ Episode 1: Horror Film Review

https://youtu.be/T8c9vJ1qVYs In this episode of Tales from the Couch, Lotty and David pick out their top film picks from the world of Horror. Your Industrial Story Starts Here Press the button. Make the call. Transform your media. +44 (0)113 288 3245 [email protected] Contact Us

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How to make your Health and Safety Communications more engaging

Intro https://youtu.be/vFMEI89aW-I Relevance https://youtu.be/LSZwrMgRn2M Simplify Your Content https://youtu.be/vnTNzgietOU Creativity https://youtu.be/TO4g4fjcXtQ Accessibility https://youtu.be/1MgKkRfrPL8 Ambassadors https://youtu.be/qtQCDdEgOzE Your Industrial Story Starts Here Press the button. Make the call. Transform your media. +44 (0)113 288 3245 [email protected] Contact Us

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10 Ways To Optimise Your YouTube Channel

Intro https://youtu.be/2UtJFBYSchs Google’s video platform has a seemingly endless reach, consisting of over a billion users. So many people are now engaged with video that your company has an opportunity to hone in on that potential and use a variety of platforms to filter your product. These optimisation tips will help ensure that your Youtube channel isn't letting your killer video down and help give your page a fresh, interactive flare – which hopefully will result in an increase of activity. A Sleek Design https://youtu.be/buYvJO3ENgI Like with every visual brand, you need to appeal to the senses. The look of your channel is the first impression the viewer will have. You need to work on grabbing their attention and making them interested in what your company looks like. Ideally, you want a banner or channel art – make it funky but still specific to your company. Secondly you want your logo in the top left corner, make sure it stands out from your art channel, so people can get to know your brand. Next, linking all of your social accounts. To increase activity on all social profiles, making all of your profiles visible on your channel art allows your viewers to research a bit more into your company once they've viewed your page. Ensuring links are visible and easily accessed will mean that your viewers can easily guide themselves to your site and hopefully connect with you on all accounts! Description/ Profile Information https://youtu.be/fwHPUkC4cx8 Firstly, insert [...]

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How to develop your Social Video Strategy

Intro https://youtu.be/-j3AN463rYo Eight billion daily video views on Facebook. Over 1 billion YouTube users. Social video is beginning to dominate almost every platform—and it’s only getting bigger. Between extraordinary moments caught on camera, pop culture phenomena, big-budget videos, and unexpected viral hits, there are millions of videos competing for your audience’s eyes every day. Can yours stand a chance of winning any attention? Growing an audience and engaging with customers through social video can be a reality for any business. In this guide you’ll find insights and advice that will help you tackle social video, from planning and creating content, to distributing your videos and measuring the impact they have on your business. What Do You Want To Achieve? https://youtu.be/Xcq2wI2oFj0 Producing videos for social requires an investment of time and money— an investment that your business will want to see a return on. Knowing what you want to achieve from the start will help you narrow down content ideas, measure success, and make the most of your investment in video. Every video you create should be aligned with an overarching business goal, such as creating brand awareness, rewarding loyalty, increasing brand advocacy, driving entries to a contest, or generating leads. Get Creative https://youtu.be/lUzW7CWueW0 Unless you’ve hit a viral homerun with one of your advertisements (think Old Spice), people aren’t logging on to social media hoping to find commercials for your product or service. Instead, try creating videos that educate, entertain, or inspire people in order to [...]

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Creating a Video Brief Checklist

Intro https://youtu.be/bEGpOy4hluo Hi it's Sam, from Shot Blast Media. So, you’ve decided to use video within your business... but how do you convey your expectations to your creative agency? Shot Blast Media work with company’s every step of the way to increase efficiency and ensure expectations are met! This series will take your through the most important questions to discuss whilst creating a video brief. Once all of these are answered, you’ll be sure that your business and production company are all on the same page to kick start the process. Brainstorming https://youtu.be/DQdnK6ovFL8 What's the purpose? What's your end goal? Start with the challenge you want to approach in your business. Once you're able to outline the 'what,' the rest will start to fall into place. Who's your audience? Once you're clear on the 'what,' 'who' you're targeting should become obvious. Think about: What appeals to your target audience? What do they usually engage with? What do they already know about the subject? Where will the video be distributed? Now you've got an outline of your ideal audience, you need to do some research into how to best connect with them. The more you know about your audience, the more likely you are to receive engagement. Will your video be internal, external or both? Would you share it on social media platforms? If yes, which ones? Will it be exhibited at trade shows? Presentations? Meetings? On the company website etc? These questions will shed light on the [...]

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Using Video To Engage Effectively With Your Staff

Intro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqc5pirJjhg This series will take a look at how use can use video to effectively engage with your staff. Let's not waste any time, let's get right to it! So video presents an engaging opportunity to share vital messages and communicate in a more personal way than traditional internal communications. This video aims to outline some of the many opportunities that using video can offer to organisations in helping get employees on the same page. Video messages can now be spread throughout an organisation in seconds to any number of devices. Using video for internal communications finally makes sense thanks to the ease of online distribution - saving both time and money by becoming instantly accessible to employees and integrating perfectly with their daily online experience. Key benefits of using video internally https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCxzxyGTPoU&t=3s In response to Melcrum’s recent survey on the use of video in internal communication, 93% of 1,200 respondents believe that video has become a vital part of internal communication. Corporations of all sizes in all sectors are looking at video to enhance their internal communications. Companies such as IBM, Airbus and Lloyds Banking Group are all using video in this way. Video can provide a number of key benefits to organisations: Recipients of video internal communications are more likely to fully absorb the intended message. Video is more effective as it can communicate in seconds what might have taken multiple paragraphs to write. Video can eliminate many in-person meetings, handouts, e-mails and documents. [...]

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