If you work in any of the manufacturing, engineering or constructions sectors, you may already know how opportune video can be to your business. But within this, there’s one type of video that is perfect for these sectors more than any other, and that is animation. The great thing about animation is that the possibilities are endless. You can pretty much do whatever you want and depending on what sector you are in, animation can assist in telling your story in various ways. We’ve put together this blog to demonstrate how an animated video can really benefit your company.

Demonstrating a process

The great thing about animation is that it can do things that a live video just wouldn’t be able to do. 3D Animation is great for showing a technical process, or trying to showcase something in a particular way. Guides or ‘how to’s’ are perfect examples of this. Say you want to demonstrate the creation of a product on an assembly line. It might be hard to show the process because it’s too fast, hard to visualise or too technical. Animation will allow you to break down the process or object and simplify it so it’s easier to understand. Using layers will also allow the viewer to see underneath or behind something to see a process that’s enclosed or out of view. This helps to create something informative and more in-depth but made more simple to showcase or explain.


Animation allows you to create any kind of environment and have control over that environment. This means you’re not waiting for access or special permissions to film somewhere as you can just create it! If you needed to present your project in what could be a hazardous or hard to reach environment for example, animation can create a world for you to show your project without the hardships. This in turn allows you again to show how something might work within an environment or a particular process within a particular place. You can also use CGI to build a mock up of a space. This is ideal for developers and construction companies that want to show their viewers what a building will look like once it’s finished, in the chosen environment.

A technical breakdown

Manufacturing and engineering are sectors that can use animation in a specific and innovative way. Animation is your best friend in showing technical products. It’s great in terms of breaking down the detail and simplifying it’s function. It can also show how it’s going to work, perform or interact with an environment. This can even be for products in development, so creating concepts of how something might look before it needs to be launched into the market. It might not be real, but it gives your audience a more detailed look at the product and how you want it to be shown. It’s something that you can see in our featured videos, and with animation you can defy the possibilities.

A memorable format

Not that a video production isn’t memorable, but you can bet that animation is something that really stands out. With the formats endless options you can create whatever you want. Bright colours, interesting shapes and a creative background can really make your animation eye-catching and appealing. 2D Animation especially is generally fun to watch and creates a higher viewer engagement than traditional promotional material. It doesn’t have to be wacky and cartoonish just because it’s an animation, it can be anything you choose it to be.

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