Business Communication Trends Post-Lockdown

Hi I’m Lotty from Shot Blast Media and in this week’s vlog I’m gonna be discussing business communication trends following the lockdown.

I think one of the main trends that we’ve seen is a huge increase in the numbers of people working from home. So how has this changed communication? Well it’s brutally obvious isn’t it? It’s an increase in use of video conferencing. Now that tool was always there before, it was always available to us and if you’re anything like me I kind of forgot about it, but actually it’s been an absolutely brilliant tool for me to connect with my clients and my wider network so instead of picking up the phone which I would ordinarily do or go and see them, the going to see them option has obviously be removed so the next best thing is video conferencing. Working from home has given people a brilliant work/life balance so I think it’s here to stay definitely. Clients and contacts I’ve spoken to have reported increased productivity and increased staff morale. You can pull everyone together in one call and it’s a quick and simple method of connecting with people.

So the second big trend I have noticed is the digitisation of systems and processes. So companies may have a CRM system that they’ve never plugged in. Invoicing has all gone digital. Things like health and safety communication material are being looked at to be put into video formats and animation. It’s just a way of bringing everything into the modern age and making it a lot easier to access and used by all staff and contractors.

The third and final thing is sales presentations and information. So selling is a huge part for us all. Every single organisation has to sell. For those companies that have a big sales team or Telesales people, the way in which they have to sell is going to change. As I mentioned before there’s going to be a lot less business and trouble in getting in front of the customer so organisations are going to have to think of new, engaging and catchy ways to get their material, their products and services in front of their customers to grab their attention, for example media and an interactive format like 360 degree video. This is ideal for things like virtual tours or incorporating virtual reality into your sales. Companies are also going to be looking at virtual exhibitions. This is a new big trend for this year. The exhibitions and trade shows that were cancelled due to the lockdown mean digitisation of these events will become a common trend. The benefit of this is again that there’s no need to travel. It’s safe and people can spend an hour or two actually going around the exhibition virtually, and getting as much information as they want and also making those connections on a different platform. As a result companies are going to have to try and stand out from the competition, so they need to grab the audience’s attention. The best way to do that is to have interactive brochures, PDFs on their stand and the use of video media. It might be the use of VR technology or 360-degree video technology to get that immersive experience to try and make it feel like they’re actually there.

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