We’ve not really mentioned before about our love for all things book. We love a good read, and if you don’t believe us, you should see our office collection! We all read lots of different kinds of things, so you could say we’re very diverse in terms of reading habits. For that reason we’ve put together a few of our reading recommendations, so if you’ve got some free time and fancy diving into a good book, we’ve got you covered.

Salem’s Lot by Stephen King

It wouldn’t be a book recommendations list, or even the month of October, if we didn’t add in a spooky book. What other author could write a scary book perfect for Halloween? Salem’s Lot is one of Stephen King’s most classic horror novels, set in the eponymous town where an author fights a group of evil vampires, who are taking over the town person by person. This book helped to bring vampires back into the mainstream after Bram Stoker’s Dracula. If you’ve ever gotten bored over the masses of vampire media out there, this novel will change your mind completely, and make you scared of them once again!

Sapiens: A Brief History Of Human Kind by Yuval Noah Harari

If you’re in the mood for something more educational and insightful, this book could be the perfect companion. Based on a series of lectures taught by the author, the book looks into the history of evolution and where we have ended up. Delving into everything that makes us human, from the mind, religion, money and politics, Harari has a great way of aiding your curiosity in to what makes us all human.

Jam by Yahtzee Croshaw

If you’re fancying a good laugh among all of the doom and gloom out there, video game journalist Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw has written one of the most bizarre novels you may ever read. A silly science-fiction story where one day, the entire world gets covered with jam, and a group of friends must navigate their way through a very sticky world. It’s as daft as it sounds, and with a big touch of deadpan humour, it’s something that’ll definitely get you giggling throughout.

Ayoade on Ayoade: A Cinematic Odyseey by Richard Ayoade

TV funny man and film director Richard Ayoade presents us with an absolutely crazy experience of an ‘autobiography’ where he parodies the famous series of books delving into different filmmakers. In this however, he interviews and analyses himself, and it’s as funny as it sounds. There’s some great satirical humour here, and if you’re a big fan of Ayoade you’ll know his style through and through. In book form however, he pops off the pages and really helps you immerse yourself into a bonkers situation. A great pick for any film or satire fan.

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