We’re in our third and hopefully final lockdown at the moment, and with the country slowly but surely being vaccinated, it definitely feels like we’re coming to the end of it. Starting the year strong for businesses is key right now and that’s where your marketing and brand can play a key role. We’ve discussed a lot about how you can keep your business going in lockdown with video marketing, but there’s other things you may not even consider that can keep your business presence online alive and well.

  1. Google My Business

We talk about this often underused platform a lot, but during these times, it’s more important than you think. This site is where you set your basic company details that will inform your audience of your key company information. It’s fair to say many clients and customers may wonder if your business is open or not, or if your opening times have changed. Making sure these are updated, as well as your contact details if these have changed due to working from home is key to making sure you’re letting your audience know you’re still there to be contacted. As well as this, posting to your Google My Business is too, as a constant stream of posts lets your audience know you’re alive, kicking and still active. It’s a great tool if you’re not using it, so make sure you are!

The best ways to enhance your brand during lockdown 1

2. Re-evaluating your audience

You’ll already know who your audience is, that’s a given. However, with how things have changed over the past year, and some of the time you may have spare, it’s worth evaluating your audience again. How have things changed? Have your clients moved onto different companies? Have any of their focusses changed? How can you appeal to these changes? Think about your marketing and how you can revolutionise it in regard to these audience changes. As well as this, if e-mail marketing is something you use often, look at your bounces. Who has left their company, who has moved on? Go through them and update it where you can.

The best ways to enhance your brand during lockdown 2

3. Refresh your website and social media pages

Now is the perfect time for website maintenance. Perhaps you’ve been planning a big overhaul for a long time. If you haven’t done it yet, now is the perfect time to do so. This is great for giving your brand a new image that will give off the notion of a ‘fresh start’ to your audience. Showing you’ve moved on, your company is healthy, and you’re raring to go with a new visual appeal. Part of this new look may include setting up new accounts for social media platforms you’ve not used before, such as Google My Business or Instagram. Whatever you can update, big or small, it can’t hurt, and if you have the time, now is the time to do it. Of course, SEO is as important as ever for your marketing, so focusing on different keywords and phrases related to your company is handy to look at sooner rather than later, as it’ll take a while for Google to process a lot of the new information you update.

The best ways to enhance your brand during lockdown 3

4. Creating a blog

There’s a lot of companies that already have a blog of some sort. Yet, it could be very likely that they are not updated regularly. If you have a blog or you don’t, now is the time to get started with one, or putting more blogs out there with the time you have to spare. The blog can be about anything as long as it’s related to you and your brand. It acts as a sort of newsletter to your audience to keep them up to date with company changes and events. It’s good to write a lot in advance too, and have them scheduled if you have busy weeks ahead. People will want to buy and interact with a company that has a great personality, and a blog can really show that as it’s not something typically a lot of companies have. A consistent stream of updated blogs shows an extra sense of passion in talking about your company. If you show that trust in yourself, it will be shown to your readers. Blogs are also idea for SEO creating more keyword searches for your website.

The best ways to enhance your brand during lockdown 4

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