As Christmas and New Year are around the corner, here at Shot Blast we’ve been thinking about the top moments of the year – more specifically, our own! We’ve had a great year, being given so many new opportunities with our clients and our new projects, but also some new things for us as a company. We’re itching to get to them, so let’s have a look at what 2019 had in store for us.

The Rebrand

By far the biggest thing that happened to us this year was our rebrand. We’re sure you’ve seen it! With a brand new, sleek logo and a modern looking website, we had so much positive feedback on our new look. We’re very proud of it! If you haven’t explored our new website yet, go have a gander. You’ll be surprised at what you might end up coming across!

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The Vlog Page

As well as our exciting blog we love to post on, we are a video production company. So, it only makes sense that we create some video blogs of our own too! We’ve worked on a new studio in our office especially for our vlogs. If you follow our YouTube channel you may have seen some of them, covering social media strategies and types of videos you could utilise for your business. If you have any requests of content to cover in future vlogs, get in touch and we’d be happy to oblige.

Our trip to Sweden

Working with one of our long standing clients, we took a special trip to Sweden to film a new video for them. It was an exciting experience to make a video abroad again, especially in a place we’ve never been!


Our new video for Christeyns Food Hygiene

Teaming up with our client Christeyns again was another brilliant experience for us this year. We got to create a very different type of brand film for them compared to brand films we’ve made before. Shooting in Warrington, we used a mix of standard video filming and drone videography, getting close to the Christeyns team and learning more about them and what they do. The finished video is live now, we’re extremely proud of this one!

Parody Marketing

This year we discovered a new niche with our marketing. Parody! We’re sure you’ve seen some of our skits, from our Dress to Impress skit promoting our new uniform, to our spooky Paranormal Office film, we’ve had so much fun making these. That’s why we’ve decided to make this a new type of video service that we are going to be making more prominent in the new year. Our new client La Romantica Beds is the first to utilise this service, with their new parody video premiering very soon. Watch this space!

Thank you to everyone who has followed us throughout the year, viewing our content and reaching out to us. Your support has been amazing! Happy Christmas, and all the best for the new year!

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