Social Media is without a doubt the biggest factor in digital marketing and promotion for your business, and as a video production company we believe that film works well hand in hand with these platforms. Visual media catches the eye a lot more, and a moving image can say just as many words as a status update! User generated content is something that shouldn’t be missed out on, something that can really ramp up your engagement online in a social media setting. Of course if you’re wanting to do something more high-end and polished outside of social media, we’d say you should seek out a professional to produce something that your brand deserves.

Alas, there are many businesses that don’t have the means to produce DIY videos for their company, or they just don’t have the time. Well have no fear, as we’re here to bring you a little list of some of the best filmmaking apps for your smartphone to get you started on your way, quick and easy!

1. Adobe Premiere Clip

We’re a big fan of this app, having talked about it a lot before, but it’s worth a special mention again. It’s free, easy to use and quick. What more could you want? A pocket sized version of Adobe Premiere, it saves you having to upload all of your footage to your desktop – making it easier to get your content up onto social media from your phone.

2. Celtx Shots

You won’t want to be making anything too complex for your social media accounts, but it’s always good to have a plan of what your video production will look like. Celtx Shots allows you to prepare and present your storyboard from the ease of your phone, so if you haves some small video projects for social media down the pipeline, this is a great way to store your pre-production plans!

3. Filmic Pro

Sean Baker’s Sundance hit ‘Tangerine‘ was made on this app, and whilst you may not be wanting to make anything of cinematic quality for your social media, it’s definitely worth considering. The app is extremely in depth allowing you to capture everything, with many mechanics built in to give you the best detail. If you’re feeling like a bit like Steven Spielberg, this could be the app for you.

4. I Can Animate

Fancy being extra creative and trying out a little bit of stop-motion animation? We’ve got you covered. The free version has everything you’ll need to create some basic animated video productions for your social media. You can really unleash your imaginative side with I Can Animate, tinker with some office supplies, create some comedy videos with your team… the possibilities are endless!

5. Boomerang

Boomerang is insanely popular, especially in conjunction with Instagram. Of course, Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps out there, so if your business doesn’t have an account, get on it! Boomerang allows you to create short clips where the footage goes back and fourth in a continuous loop, creating a satisfying little animation. Perfect for team videos we’d say, but Boomerang is pretty universal, you can use it for anything and it’ll look great!

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