What’s just as important as our films is the filmmaking. Well sure, that’s pretty obvious, you’d have no film without the work behind it! But, it is something that is overlooked. In fact, part of the story we tell for you comes from the story we tell for us. From the planning stages, to the shooting days, to the editing and then the delivery to you, all of our filmmaking is a story in itself. Check out an example of our Behind the scenes (BTS) content below, to show you what a day’s shooting looks like!

Behind the scenes be a small, yet powerful tool for your company. We’ve been looking into utilising BTS a lot more recently, so we’ve been very inspired! For that reason, we want to give you a lowdown on how BTS can be a great way to promote yourselves above the rest in the industry. It doesn’t even have to be something in depth as a video, it can be as small as a status update on Facebook! It can mean anything. So look no further, we’ve got your back!

Team Content

There’s nothing better that shows off your family values than the team you work with. For that reason, we’d like to suggest taking some family photos! People love the idea of a company that takes its family principles seriously, so posting a team photo now and again to social media is a small way of showing off your BTS that is not only some great PR, but generates team morale and a lot more connectivity with the people you work with. Show that your team works well together, and you’re having fun with one-another at the same time! It’ll really help sell the personality of your company too.

Progression Content

Is your office having a refurb? Have you got a big project coming up that you’re very excited about? We’d recommend posting regular updates on anything like this, a timeline of the work for you to reflect on once you’ve finished! It’s very fulfilling to see how far you’ve come. For your audience, it can show how you may be expanding, or how much you care for your workplace and projects. You’d be surprised on how much this can appeal to new customers, they will care for your work when you show how much you do too.

Humorous Content 

Funny content is an extraordinary one to consider, especially depending on what kind of company you are. But, there is absolutely no harm in showing your lighter side on social media at all. It turns out that people are more likely to share funnier content than other kinds of content. Use this to brighten up your audiences day, you never know whose day you could change! This type of content is definitely suited to something like Instagram, and speaking of…


Instagram is a great way to show off your BTS content. It’s a platform that has been growing larger and larger the past few years. As of June 2018, the channel has reached over 1 billion users, up from 800 million it had in September 2017. So it’s a big deal! The best bit about Insta is that it’s not for high end or top quality content most of the time, it feels a lot more relaxed and informal. So don’t worry if your camera isn’t the best! Posting short snippets of video and groups of photos of the work your company is doing behind the scenes offers a little more connectivity between you and your audience, as if you’re giving them something extra for their custom. You can also utilise the Instagram Story function to show photos and videos within a 24 hour time slot, so maybe show a step-by-step process of some office refurbishment for example, and really tell and drive that story home!

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