Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. These social media platforms are incredibly useful for promoting your business in the digital age of marketing. They’re incredibly helpful too, but it’s good to think outside the box sometimes and look at platforms that you may not be aware of – that just might just get you a little more attention.

5. Pinterest

Okay, so this is a pretty well known site, but there’s not a lot of businesses that utilise Pinterest for what it’s worth. A bit of a mix between Facebook and Instagram, this site is perfect if you’re in the creative industry.

What makes Pinterest different to other social media sites is it’s organic capabilities. The organic reach on a Pinterest post is determined by what kinds of keywords you have used in your post, if they align with the users search, and how many there are. Effectively, this allows you to plan out a strategy in capturing your audience’s attention without spending a dime!

4. Snapchat

Again, if you haven’t heard of this one you must be living under a rock, but what you may not know is how effective Snapchat can be when advertising your business. If you don’t know what Snapchat is, it’s an app that lets users send a photo or video either directly to another user or to their Snapchat Story, which can be seen by anyone depending on who you allow to see it.

If your marketing campaign caters towards the younger demographic, Snapchat could be the best thing you’ve never had. Photos and videos can be uploaded to your Snapchat Story which are visible for 24 hours from their publish time. With 300 million active users monthly, you’d bet your bottom dollar that this could be pretty helpful if your audience are young.

3. Medium

Medium can be extremely handy if your business has a blog. Medium is an online publishing platform that anyone can add to about anything, and it can be a great opportunity to not only get your blogs seen but also your business in turn.

It’s a handy tool that has plenty to offer, it’s relatively simple to use too. Just upload your blog to Medium, making all the relevant changes and updates to meet the websites format, and you’re ready to upload. With the use of keywords your blogs can be found very easily, especially if you post frequently. Don’t forget to leave a link to the full blog if it’s a long one!

2. Digg

Formally StumbleUpon, this bookmarking application is a pretty niche platform for you to get noticed. You can post the content up yourself, or you may be lucky enough for someone to “Digg” it, which is the equivalent of voting for your favourite article or content. Uploading your content allows you to add keywords which Digg users can search to find you, and if they’re impressed, will give you a vote.

The more votes it receives, the more popular it becomes and the more traffic and visibility your business will get!

1. Yelp

There’s a good chance you may already be using Yelp, and whether you are or not it’s important to know how beneficial it can be to your business. With Yelp, users can post reviews and critiques of your business and services. This is great in appealing to potential new customers and getting them on board with your business with the help of past clients and what they got from their experience with you.

The good outweigh’s the bad too, so if you do have a couple of negative reviews here and there the positive ones will always take centre stage – plus Yelp lets you respond to any review, so it’s a great tool to communicate with your customers!

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