We are very happy to introduce our latest client, Ethoss Regeneration. For them we are producing a new type of 3D animated product video, within the medical industry.

Medical animations are most commonly used as an instructional tool for medical professionals like dentists or their patients. Generally produced in a 3D format, this type of video content will allow you to convey your information in a deeply informative medium. 3D medical animations add a striking and insightful approach to your content, and they can really help get the message across, in a clear, quirky and concise fashion.

3D Animated Product Video for new client, Ethoss Regeneration 1

Animation is the perfect type of video format for the medical industry. Of course, there are limits to what medical professionals can show you in these videos, with blood, gore and other unpleasant things in the same vain being undesirable to see in a filmed explainer video. Using animation to get around these issues will make your video a lot easier and more comfortable to watch. It will also make it compliant as generally client confidentiality can be an issue when showing a new medical techniques, processes or products in use.

Medical methods and explanations can be complicated to understand, and like many other types of animation for business, an animated video can create an interesting, engaging and more understandable way of explaining methodology. This is perfect for new starters in the industry or to customers who don’t fully understand the processes or products involved.

Especially during the COVID-19 crisis, 3D animation is incredibly useful to have. If you have students or patients that need help and assistance but you can’t get to them due to social distancing, having a video made and sent to them via the web is quick, reliable and very convenient.

3D Animated Product Video for new client, Ethoss Regeneration 2

3D animated video can show you the things that we can’t see with the naked eye. This will allow your audience to get as close to reality as possible, going beneath the surface and showing various types of different information. Including a narrative element to your animated video can interest your students, patients and customers and help them engage and fall into your video. This makes them more likely to give back to you, whether that

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