A 3D animated explainer video is a form of video that combines animation and live action to create an entertaining and informative product intro and demo for companies and products. 3D animated explainer videos provide a more creative way for businesses to convey their message, thus capturing the attention of their target audience. They also help you stand out from your competitors, making your brand memorable and distinctive.

A 3D animated explainer video is a short, engaging, and entertaining video that explains what your business does and why people should care. They also create value for you and your business by:

1) Educating customers about your products or services

2) Getting them excited about the solutions you provide

3) Creating customer trust and driving sales

4) Helping customers understand how to use your products or services

Here’s a range of a recent 3D animated explainer videos we produced, with different videos detailing certain aspects of a larger video:

Incident Reporting

Safety Lifting

Driving Safety

Hot Work

Energy Isolation

Working at Height

Confined Spaces

No Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking

Safety Controls

Work Authorization

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