360 video production is an innovative way of telling stories. 360 videos are created by recording video footage on every side of the camera. The 360 videos are interactive, so viewers can pan around and explore the story more closely than ever before.

Video is becoming more and more important in the digital marketing world. With new technology entering the market, 360 video production is the newest way to create engaging content for your business.

360 video production provides immersive experiences that can be used for advertising, entertainment, and educational purposes.

Some of the benefits of 360 video production include:

  • It’s cost-effective
  • It saves time in production
  • The user has control over the viewing angle

One major use case for this type of production is to produce live events. This allows people who cannot attend in person to feel like they are there in the centre of things. It can be used to show your product or service, promote an event or tell a story that you couldn’t otherwise.

360 video is great for product showcases, introducing new company products, and for hosting live streams. These videos include the viewer in the experience by allowing them to view all around while they watch. A lot of companies are starting to use this medium because it is still fairly new and has a lot of potential. They see it as an opportunity to be on the cutting edge of marketing and advertising techniques.

The first thing to understand about 360 video is the camera itself. You will need a camera that has two lenses on either side of it so it can capture every angle of what’s in front of them simultaneously. This will ensure you have all angles covered so there are no blind spots in your footage when viewing on

360 video production is a relatively new trend in visual media production. The 360-degree video camera captures the entire scene all around it, and the resulting footage can be played on a computer or smart phone and navigated by moving the phone or mouse to look in any direction. 360-degree video generally captures everything that is in front of it, allowing us to experience what it would be like to be there. But this isn’t true for all 360 videos. This type of filming has been used in many different contexts such as real estate, tourism companies and art galleries.

360 video is a new type of media that has recently started to become available. It allows the user to explore the image in 360°. It is beneficial when marketing your product or service because you can show off all of its features in an immersive environment.

360 video production provides a more immersive experience for the viewer than traditional filmmaking techniques, making it ideal for reaching audiences who are consuming content on mobile devices or virtual reality headsets. Companies are starting to use 360° video production to market their products and services because it brings out the features of what they are selling more than regular videos.

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