We’re all about communication. We recently researched into communication barriers that could be causing your business problems. You can read this, here.

From our experience in getting to the core of every business we collaborate with, we get to see a lot of varying company cultures. One culture that’s shone out for us is Christeyns. Managing Director, Nick Garthwaite spoke to us about how he started to work on building this. From his experience, we’ve outlined 3 takeaway’s that can help your business.

Don’t run your business based on fear

100% attendance bonuses, pay caps for not hitting quotas, commission only pay incentives, the list could go on. Don’t punish your staff, value them! Old fashioned management styles kill a positive culture.

Combine the money you’d put into bonuses and increase employees wages. Or alternatively offer them simple things like available free fruit. These gestures cost nothing in the big scheme of business, but will incentivise your staff more than any scare tactic and help them to feel as though the company that they spend most of their week in, truly values them.

A valued employee adds value to business.

Change is driven from the top

If change is needed in the business, it needs to trickle down from management. It’s the only way to make the changes you want happen. If management don’t stick to the adaptations to your business then why would the rest of your employees?

Lead by example and inspire the change you want to see in your company.

Start small

Don’t run in trying to change everything instantly, the smallest of changes can sometimes have the biggest impact on your team. Whether you’re looking to treat all staff equally in management or on a shop floor, eliminate a blame culture or inspire an open door community, slowly chip away at it and involve your employees in your initial plans.

Not all routes are direct, but they end up at the same destination.

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