2D product animation is a type of video production that is a great way to showcase your business product in a truly unique and creative way. 2D product animation unlike provides a 2D visual representation of your product. This format is less in depth than 3D and is better suited to telling a story about the product itself, how it works or how it might interaction with a person or environment. This provides businesses with an ideal animated sales video tool that is completely custom. A 2D animated product video could also be used to provide an animated product demonstration, showing a concept or how a new product coming to market might work.

The reason we’re so enticed by a lot of the products we see on TV is because so many companies are looking to have their products shown off in a 2D format. It’s something different and impactful as it shows the product in a simple and fun format, and fun will always be a key method of grabbing your audience. So is it worth the opportunity having your product shown in this format? Absolutely. 2D animation can really sell something that may be mundane or hard to market just through the style itself.

2D animation is a complicated method of filmmaking and very time consuming. However the results are worth every minute, which is why it is as prevalent today as it ever has been. Good animations are created by experienced motion graphics designers and 2D artists. Basic animations with simple moving text are easier to produce but these can often lack engagement as the scenes are more like a PowerPoint presentation.

So how do video animation companies create these 2D product animations? Depending on what you need from the company, there are various steps and ways of doing it:

  • Animation content development – planning all steps and the process of the 2D animated video.
  • Script writing – the writing down of the movement, actions, expression and dialogue of your video’s story.
  • Motion design animation – the crafting of the movement of the video animation.
  • Customised graphic design – design of all motion graphics to meet your needs and wants.
  • Animation production – the works and building of your 2D animation.
  • Animated subtitles – the creation of animated wording in your 2D video.
  • Multi language options – implementation of multi language voiceovers across different versions of your video.
  • Illustration – the drawing and framework of the animated elements.

So with this all in mind, is a 2D product animation perfect for your business? Take a look at some of our examples below and decide for yourself!

2D animation video example
2D animation video example
2D animation video example

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