With 2020 being a restricted year in many different ways, the world has had to adapt and innovate in whatever ways it can. For Christmas adverts this year, the same has applied, and many brands have had to push the boundaries with what limitations they’ve had. So, as the Christmas season approaches, here are our picks for the most interesting Christmas Adverts of 2020.

John Lewis

We know, we know. John Lewis is the go-to advert every Christmas. Although, we will say they have been lacking the past few years (apart from that tear jerking Elton John one!). However, this year they’ve managed to shine again. This ad displays a range of different types of filmmaking, including various types of 2D and 3D animation, with a little bit of live action mixed in there too. John Lewis worked with a whole host of different video production companies up and down the country, really giving back to the creatives who have lost just as much as everyone else has this year. This one really goes to show that a lot of passion and bright ideas can really pull something dynamic together.


Sainsburys are also well known for putting on quite a show with their Christmas adverts. This year is no exception. Instead of something grand and huge this year, Sainsburys have a gone for a three part, minimalistic campaign. Their three ads show three different families engaging in traditional Christmas activities, from the perspective of a home video look. Using a collection of old family snaps and videos, the ads really capture the spirit of family and togetherness, remembering past Christmas memories instead of thinking of the doom and gloom that has hit the world this year. It’s a great collection of adverts that we recommend whole heartedly.


This year, Amazon has gone for a conventional story with this years Christmas advert. They also tackle COVID-19 head on, centring around a young ballet dancer trying to find her way through the challenging year, whilst keeping her burning dancing passion alive. Named ‘The show must go on,’ it’s a rather fitting title for this year and really delivers on a heartfelt message of pushing through the darkness this year has brought to staying strong and not letting anything bring you down. A simple and well known message crafted into a very impactful and unique film.


Everyone’s favourite fast food restaurant has produced a fully 3D animated film for their Christmas advert, however unlike the other ads, they’ve not related theirs to COVID-19, and have instead looked at the relationship between a boy and his mother. The boy has a disconnect from Christmas and from communicating, bottling his emotions inside which is personified through a smaller version of him, as his mother tries to bring him out of his shell. If you’re wanting to see something different, away from the aspect of the pandemic, this Christmas advert is perfect for that.


Tesco have really gone for a different tone as compared to the rest of these ads, going for a more comedy focused vibe. Whilst it is related to the pandemic, it does put an entertaining spin on everything that’s gone on this year. With a playful nature they look at how there is ‘no naughty list’ this year after a group of people confess their naughty habits. It’s fast paced, well edited and a breath of fresh air from the rest of the Christmas adverts. If you fancy a chuckle, this could be your favourite for this year. It’s definitely up there.

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