2020 has been a horrible year, and there’s no sugar-coating it. The pandemic has damaged so much, including businesses, and we’ve all struggled this year.  But through these hard times we’ve pulled together and made what we can work for us. It’s been a learning curve for absolutely everyone. We wish everyone the best for the new year, to a better new year. But there have been good, even great moments for us this year, so here are the things that we feel proud of accomplishing.

New services

2020: Our Year In Review 1

We’re very happy to say that we managed to launch some new services this year. We revolutionised 360 video by introducing VR video services into our plethora of expertise, an exciting new venture that will revolutionise our filmmaking future. We also launched our interactive video service, a form of training video that blends interaction and linear film, which has already drummed up a lot of excitement among our clients and contacts. We’re always looking for new avenues to go down and this year has been no different.

Our COVID-19 safety videos

We wanted to help people as best we could this year. Our COVID-19 workplace safety videos were a massive focus for us in lockdown. Our animated projects helped a lot of our clients this year and we couldn’t be more happier for that. It’s important that companies stay as protected as possible in preventing the spread of the virus, and it still is. So this campaign will continue to be important for us and anyone in need going into 2021.

Our mockumentary series

We’re filmmakers, and we don’t just make films for our clients. We make films for ourselves. We use them in our marketing, and we like to have some fun with them. You may have seem some of our sketches from last year that we started, but this year we changed it up a bit. Taking a page from The Office, we decided to turn our own office lives in a mockumentary. We play ourselves, albeit a bit over exaggerated, but it’s been a lot of fun! Our followers have given us some great feedback and it’s always brilliant to know we’ve been giving people a lot of laughs this year. There’s plenty more to come next year too.

My RØDE Reel 2020

We absolutely couldn’t be more proud of our hard work in the My RØDE Reel 2020 competition. Whilst we didn’t take home any prizes, we’re very happy with our three short films. A documentary with a poem based on the art of glass making, a comedy sketch akin to out mockumentary series, and a short drama congratulating our healthcare workers for their hard work this year.  You can check out our films here, we hope you enjoy them just as much as we did making them. We’ll definitely be re-entering next year!

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