3D animated video production and motion graphics can tell a story in a multitude of ways. With a little bit of imagination, you can create a completely different world using 3D models, realistic looking environments and a host of different subjects. 3D animated video is being used a lot more by companies, for both internal communications and marketing and promotional activity. Here are our top reasons as to why 3D animated video works so well for business.

1) 3D animation can be used to create anything, meaning you aren’t tied down by the limits of live action video. Do you need to show off a building that is still under construction or in planning stages? With 3D animation you can create a 3D render of said building, giving your audience an idea of what it will look like once completed. The same is true for new products in development, where 3D animated models can bring that product to life and show how it will be utilising and interact within it’s environment.
The possibilities are quite endless!
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2) 3D animation allows you to utilise lots of different tools to personalise your brand and give it character. It brings a fresh spark and adds something new whilst adding a touch of personality thats different from other types of video production. 3D animated video will stand out to your audience and catch their eye, especially when visualising something new or unseen before. Characters can be integrated within your animations, incorporating colours and making CGI images look photorealistic or more cartoon like in style.

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3) 3D animation can help to simplify topics in a more streamlined and visual way. With the help of 3D animation services, you can show how mechanisms and processes work. A 3D model of something can be broken down to show all its components in an easy to view and organised way. This definitely beats having to take something apart in real life, which is far more time consuming and messy. Using layers will also allow the viewer to see underneath or behind something to see a process that’s enclosed or out of view. This helps to create something informative and more in-depth but made more simple to showcase or explain.

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4) Animation allows you to also create any kind of environment and have control over that environment. This means you’re not waiting for access or special permissions to film somewhere as you can just create it from the tip of your fingers. If you needed to present your project in what could be a hazardous or hard to reach environment for example, 3D animation can create a world for you to show your project without those barriers. This in turn allows you again to show how something might work within an environment or a particular process within a particular place. You can also use CGI to build a mock up of a space. This is ideal for developers and construction companies that want to show their viewers what a building will look like once it’s finished, in the chosen environment.

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5) A 3D animation can be made and produced in the comfort of a studio. With issues such as the COVID-19 virus, video production and drone videos are more limited due to site access restrictions. For that reason 3D animation services are an ideal visual tool to ensure businesses can continue to promote and market their products and services digitally.

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