Recently the Shot Blast Media production team have been collaborating with Lexia Solutions Group.

Here’s a behind the scenes timelapse of our team setting up the ‘studio’ in preparation.

The Lexia Solutions Group are the holding company for three companies:

  • Rhodar Ltd
  • Thermac (Hire) Ltd
  • Bagnall UK Ltd

Lexia offers support to each business in key areas of specialism, including health and safety, environment, HR, sales and marketing, transport, finance and procurement.

It means each business benefits from levels of expertise and support that it may not otherwise experience and ensures that each part of the business operates in a consistent, cohesive way.

We’ve been filming footage gearing up for their annual conference. For this we’ve created a 3D animated opener logo and conducted interviews with staff members from each company that took part in their leadership training.

Video has been a great communicator tool for Lexia, which is why they continue to reinvest in this creative medium. We look forward to many more video collaborations with this fantastic company.