Any business in this digital age will get consistently bombarded with pitches about the next trend, development and ‘fundamental tool’ that’ll completely adapt their business for the better.

It can be difficult to sift through the noise and find a genuine tool that’s worth investing in.

So first, I’m gonna make a fairly forward statement. All businesses need to be using video online if they want to be competitive.

If you’re reading this blog, hopefully you already understand the power of online communication and have active social media channels for your business.

Every business needs to be active on social platforms. People find your company through search engines (usually Google) and these search engines love activity and backlinks from multiple channels.

Here’s a Forbes article stating 10 benefits of using social media in business for those who still need convincing.


Businesses need to use video to be competitive.

Why? The benefits of social media activity and video interweave. They both work together to help your business become a real contender in your industry or reaffirm your current top position online.

Google owns Youtube. If you’ve got popular video content on Youtube and you’re sharing it on all of your social media channels, that’s a great start.

If people are liking and sharing your video (hopefully with a link to your website), then your SEO game is one the way to becoming competitive.

Videos are engaging and fun, they encourage interaction. You can get your customers talking and begin to build a community; with a community comes trust.

Once a customer likes and trusts a brand, they become your loyal advocates, who will market your brand for free.

Free marketing is another benefit. If you have social media platforms, people you come into contact with such as clients/customers or partners can tag your company and generally promote your business online. Everyone loves a good third party endorsement.


Types of video

There seems to be a misconception that everyone needs a video production team to get started with sharing interactive content online. I know writing this statement, whilst working for a video production company seems a bit like shooting yourself in the foot, but DIY videos are great to get you started.

Small engaging testimonials, maybe asking an influencer to video review your product? If you’ve got a young audience, use Instagram and Snapchat stories to build excitement around a product launch or event.

Facebook Live is also a brilliant tool for instant updates once a product is launched. You can also use the platform to go live with a Q&A or stream Vox-pops at an event. There are so many options when starting to distribute video content.

If you haven’t yet set aside a marketing budget for video, why not start with a high quality phone and progress from there once you see the results.

Keep in mind that these DIY clips work well on social media, but on your website you’ll ideally want something a bit more polished.

Everything on your website has a direct impact on the way your audience perceives your brand.

The relaxed social media approach works, but when the same content is used on Youtube and on your company website, it can look unprofessional.

Always have your brand in mind. Commission wisely.


Check out some examples of good and bad viral video campaigns here.


So you’ve played around with DIY videos and you’re looking for something a bit more polished. You’ll want to get a professional on the job.

There’s still a range of options you need to address. All production companies are individual and specialise in different sectors.

Some production companies work on a large amount of projects for a low cost, others go for a more consultative approach. These companies deal with a lower volume of clients, meaning they can offer more of their time to your needs but they’ll cost slightly more.

We believe in looking for the best value, not just your cheapest option.

It all depends on what your business is looking for. If you’re looking for a simple cheap and cheerful short clip to upload to your social media channels, go for the cheapest price. If you’re looking for a multipurpose tool that you can use in all aspects of your business, then you may want to do a bit more than just price comparisons.

What are the other benefits?

For this section, 3 case studies will be outlined based on Shot Blast Media’s clients. The challenge/ reason for video, the final product and the result will be explained demonstrating the various styles of video solutions.

Let’s start with a marketing video example:

Company: Neo Lawn Leeds (recently rebranded: Artificial Grass Leeds).

Challenge: The company wanted to increase brand awareness and market the benefits of installing artificial grass.

Product: Shot Blast Media created a ‘how to’ installation video production, complete with before and after reveal shots.

You can view the final project, here.

The Results: Phil Hicks, director of Neo Lawn commented that the investment in video has, “paid for itself several times over.” Neo Lawn Leeds had feedback from their clients stating it was the video convinced them to invest in artificial grass. Since our first project with Phil and the team was such a success they recommissioned a case study video! You can watch that second video, here. 

Next, two corporate video communication examples:

Company: Engie.

Challenge: Staff injury risks whilst working at heights.

Product: Shot Blast Media created a short animated training video to engage staff in the correct safety procedures. You can view the video, here.

Results: As staff can easily access the training video as many times as they like, retainment rates increase and staff are more understanding of what’s expected of them. Engies staff have commented that video is their preferred learning medium.

Stephane, Engie

“One can only achieve a desired / perfect outcome to a project when there is an honest partnership between customer (engineers) and supplier (mostly creative artists).  In the numerous projects that ENGIE has realised with Shot Blast Media, they always have been the perfect creative, developing and executing partner that we needed.  Quick, creative with a particular eye for details and above all… solution oriented.”

The last is a multipurpose example. This video was used internally to educate staff and externally to inform the companies audience.

Company: Ardagh Glass.

Challenge: To raise awareness of the benefits of glass packaging.

Product: Shot Blast Media created a two minute motion graphic video that aimed to capture the spirit of the company, outlining the unique qualities that glass has to offer.

You can watch the full video, here.

Results: The video was part of a wider awareness campaign and initiative to keep glass packaging in the forefront of people’s minds. The video has been very popular since it’s launch. It’s been used by a variety of businesses and wider stakeholders within this industrial sector.

This particular video won an award for Ardagh. The company stated, “The campaign delivered significant increases in followers, impressions and profile visits – beyond expectations.”

You can read the full details of the award, here. 

These are just a couple examples of how video can massively benefit your business in a variety of ways. If you’re looking to explore how video can help your business, contact our talented video production team today.