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Business operations revolve around the people and processes ensuring there is consistency within the workplace.

This document offers examples of how you can use video communication successfully for the everyday operations within your company, along with relevant case study examples.

We know that storytelling through the form of video increases interaction and engagement from staff and customers. Companies are now successfully integrating video strategies as part of their e – learning and training programs.

Videos to support business operations come in many forms: Product training videos, site induction videos, healthy and safety training, videos for HR and recruitment, sales and product training, technical user videos, process safety and many more.

Operational videos prove effective when they are built with an end goal in mind and supported through wider channels and departments. Built for longevity they can be utilised every day for years.

Ever wondered what it costs? There is a misconception that effective training tools need to be produced on a huge budget. They don’t! Most of our clients fall into an average spend of £5K – £8K to produce a high quality video to support their business operations.

We constantly research and monitor the market, following companies that are successfully using video. This combined with our industry knowledge means the video’s we produce provide a healthy return on investment for our clients. This is why over 50% of our business is repeat year on year.

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Adding video to learning materials increases retention by up to 65%
Learning through e-learning reduces employees time by 40-60%
74% of people use mobile devices for e-learning.
96% of businesses say videos help to train employees better and faster

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