Drone video is an increasingly popular tool to help businesses in a variety of ways. Everyone’s talking about it wants to use it – so what’s all the fuss about? Why would you think about using drone?

Here are our top 3 ways drone can benefit your business.

1.       To showcase your facilities to their maximum potential

Some businesses have incredibly impressive factories, warehouses and construction sites. Drone is the most effective way to capture the size and scale of your outfit and showcase your facilities. It’s a fantastic marketing and promotion tool and can be used on its own, or as part of a broader promotional video. It can also provide high resolution imagery for areas where there is none available.

2.       Site Surveying

Drone can be used to survey large scale agricultural areas, individual property’s, potential construction sites or hard to locate areas. It’s a cost effective and very efficient way to gather lots of comprehensive data across a large area which can be used in all sorts of ways. It also provides a big cost saving to companies who have to do maintenance work on difficult to reach areas, such as electricity pylons or awkward to reach pipework. In the past, the only option would have been to use a helicopter, which is very costly. A drone can do the same job at a fraction of the cost and can pinpoint any issues quickly.

3.       Safety

Drones can support the health and safety on large sites which is generally a huge priority for businesses. By using something which is remotely operated, providing the pilot is operating within the safe limitations of what the drone is capable of, they can enhance safety for things like inspection. Instead of sending out personnel into a situation which may require specialist safety training or equipment, which can be costly and time consuming, a drone can perform the same inspection with significantly less risk.