Hi it’s Sam, from Shot Blast Media. So, you’ve decided to use video within your business… but how do you convey your expectations to your creative agency? Shot Blast Media work with company’s every step of the way to increase efficiency and ensure expectations are met! This series will take your through the most important questions to discuss whilst creating a video brief. Once all of these are answered, you’ll be sure that your business and production company are all on the same page to kick start the process.


What’s the purpose? What’s your end goal? Start with the challenge you want to approach in your business. Once you’re able to outline the ‘what,’ the rest will start to fall into place. Who’s your audience? Once you’re clear on the ‘what,’ ‘who’ you’re targeting should become obvious. Think about:

What appeals to your target audience?

What do they usually engage with?

What do they already know about the subject?

Where will the video be distributed?

Now you’ve got an outline of your ideal audience, you need to do some research into how to best connect with them. The more you know about your audience, the more likely you are to receive engagement. Will your video be internal, external or both? Would you share it on social media platforms? If yes, which ones? Will it be exhibited at trade shows? Presentations? Meetings? On the company website etc? These questions will shed light on the duration. External videos are usually more successful kept short. Internal videos however, can be more in depth.

The Finish

Your expectations may not always be achievable within your budget. So let’s break it down…what are your expectations? There are 2 imminent factors to each production – finance and creativity. One factor will put a constraint on the other. It’s best to think of your ideal situation. If money was no object, then add factors that you think are a necessity to put your budget towards. 


Are you looking at developing your marketing strategy next month or next year? Are there any training deadlines coming up? Are you inducting new staff members in the new year? Building an idea of deadlines allows the production team time to create a plan of how and when to start the production process.


Looking at other productions will help your company gauge an idea of possibilities. Sharing these examples will help the creative agency understand your expectations. Once the team has an idea of your taste and preferences, they’ll have a solid visual representation of how they can work these ideas to suit your company’s needs. It’ll also allow the production team to rule out unrealistic possibilities from the get go.


Video Production

This way of filming is usually best for stories which revolve around the human angle of your business. These are ideal for case studies, testimonials, showcases and real events.


Animation is a great tool to spice up technical product explainers or help demonstrate training processes. It’s ideal to externally market complex products, as the 3D element helps viewers to engage and understand your product in a new way.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics, like animation is a great explaining tool. It helps to visually enhance a message and can often make dry or challenging subjects more engaging. Alternatively, motion can be used to add style and finesse to your productions.

The Decision Makers

Having an idea of who needs to be involved in meetings, ideas and signing off plans can help boost efficiency for all those involved. Integrating them into each stage will help the project run smoothly. Answer questions such as: 1. Do you need a third party sign off? 2. Who will sign off the budget?


Here we’re talking about situations such as, if you want to interview certain people, what are their diaries like? Is everyone comfortable being on camera? Are the main people away during the pre production or production process? Do you need anything from them before this point?

Giving the production team an idea of issues that may arise from the start will minimise them and allow for a smooth sailing creative collaboration.

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