Around 5 billion videos on Youtube and 100 million hours of video on Facebook are watched every day.

It’s easy to see why video is so popular with marketers.

So you may be exploring the idea of video and think, ‘what makes some videos so popular?’ Unfortunately there’s no magic formula for ‘viral’ marketing content, but they do have a common trend, all viral posts stir emotion in the viewer.

Stories that are topical, funny, relatable or pull on our heartstrings are usually a hit with the general public.

A skilled marketer will constantly be evaluating their ideal audience and sussing out their interests. If your viewers can relate to the ‘personality’ of your business, you’re normally speaking to them on their terms; which is every marketer’s goal, right?

Why not trial creating your own social media videos to increase engagement, you may even learn something about your customers!

Once you’ve seen the potential of video for yourself and you’re ready for a polished professional production, you’ll have already created some buzz around your company.

But first, let’s start exploring the good and bad but always brilliant examples of viral video campaigns and get your creativity flowing.

Let’s start with two musical examples.

Warning: please prepare yourself, this is pretty painful to watch…

This video doesn’t fall short on stirring emotion, which is the aim of a production. However, the message is pretty unclear as it’s clouded by the outrageousness of it all; detracting from the intended message.

This video was created for training purposes, apart from repeating ‘selling is service’ I have no idea what a employee would learn from this video.

However, in terms of marketing, this video was very successful. It sparked conversation online racking up 1,421,236 views and 3,762 comments. It’s unfortunate that they don’t mention the company name within the advert; if they did, it would have been marketing genius.


Proper brew, proper marketing!

It’s fair to say that this company have one of the most entertaining social media channels.

This video is great because it’s relatable, fun and very cleverly scripted. It brings joy to those who watch it and most importantly, it’s direct marketing with an indirect feeling. Brilliant!


This heart melting advert was the most shared video in 2015 with a whopping 27,508,642 views to date. As most of the footage isn’t original content, the pre production stage would have taken quite a bit of time.

This video has been shared more than 6.4 million times and kept Android’s brand fresh in peoples minds by pulling on their heartstrings.

Animals always work a charm in evoking emotion in us soft centred humans.

This video is a great demonstration of the importance of imagination. It also shows that you don’t need always need a massive production team. Be aware of licensing and copyright when you decide to outsource footage.


In line with the animal theme because to put it simply, they make a great marketing tool. This advert is an example of indirect marketing. For this video production, ad lib script and a vivid imagination are the main ingredients.

This simple but effective video brought joy to the hearts of many. In fact, it was such a hit that there’s now a series of 6 videos you can follow.

Showing your brand in the context of the average life of your customer (well kind of), ensures your advert doesn’t come across as too direct. You get the point across without it being forced on the viewer. People are more likely to share a feel good story than a sales pitch.

People sharing your video will have a bigger impact on your company in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and viewer engagement than just going straight in with the obvious message of ‘this is our product or service.’ They’re also great fun to make!

Relax a little and forget about your brand, what’s going to get peoples attention for the right reason?


This example is a bit different, but great inspiration for product based companies.

The compilation video was not made by the brand, but by two young teens with the intent to create comedic content to share on their social media channels whilst on their break in high school.

This video racked up over 45 million views in a week! Online Van sales increased by 30% . The sales of white Vans increase by 100% both in retail direct to consumer and wholesale channels in 2016.

President & CEO of VF Corporation, Steven Rendle says: “The national media attention the brand received is a wild demonstration of how creative expression, youth culture and loyalty can conspire to cause a phenomenon. Well done, Daniel, well done.”

If you’re inspired by these examples and ready to produce a high quality business video, get in touch with our creative production team here.