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Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

❌  I’m not getting the traction I want from my posts.

❌  I can’t create videos but want to learn how to do it myself.

❌  I struggle to create good consistent content and get new ideas.

❌  I use web analytics but I don’t really understand how to adapt my content to drive traffic.

  I’d like more control over our SEO to get better results and spend less money.

❌  I have limited budget so I’d like to do more in house.

❌  I need to make my marketing and communications work smarter.

Get Instant Access to our Digital DNA.

✅  All our golden insights – packaged into short bitesized video courses.

✅  A growing library of fresh NEW content – updated monthly.

✅  FREE downloadable off the shelf videos –  to enhance your internal workplace communications.

✅  Tailored made courses  – designed for you.

✅  A private network and forum.

✅  Tactics, strategies and opportunities to leave feedback.

✅  Professional and friendly advice.

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Don’t just take our word for it…

Listen to what our members have to say

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Watch one of our courses for FREE

This isn’t just any other platform…

  • Our savvy insights will help you stop wasting time on the wrong marketing and communication activities.
  • It will equip you with those missing skills – so you can do more yourself ultimately saving money!
  • It will help you understand and learn more technical skills. Demystifying digital communications – giving you more control.
  • It will help you keep up to date on the latest trends meaning you’re ready to tackle any new project.

We’re so confident our platform will give you that much value – we’ll even give you a no quibble refund if you genuinely don’t get anything from it when you first sign up.

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Who is The Alchemy of Film® for?

Communicators and content creators!

Creating consistent content is hard work! It’s a struggle when you don’t have a lot of time, budget, lack ideas or are working with limited resources. A lot of the time you might be working alone and your bosses expect great marketing results! How can you be expected to know everything about everything!?

This platform is designed to give you savvy insights for fast digital transformation. It’s the perfect subscription for anyone within marketing and communications to help you achieve better results from the work you’re doing.

Free Membership

£000 FREE for existing clients

Monthly Membership

£999Access content when you need it most
  • Low cost option

Annual Membership

£9900Sign up and get two months FREE
  • Benefit from regular monthly content
  • FREE downloadable content


We’re constantly adding content to the library so that won’t be possible! Each month new content will be added so it’s changing all the time and feels fresh. The idea is to eventually build a huge library you can access as a member and use regularly.

From time to time we’ll produce a piece of video content and make this free for our members. This will be a video you can use internally and it could cover a wide variety of topics to communicate to your workforce – such as health and safety or social distancing in the workplace for example. These videos are for businesses to use with staff and contractors to highlight generic issues and safe ways of working in the workplace. All designed to improve your internal communications and look professional.

Our video courses fall into two main types of content;

Training & Communications – ‘how to’ type videos teaching you specific skills. ‘How to do basic SEO’ or ‘How to create a GIF’ for example.

Marketing & Strategy – Covering a wide range of topics such as ‘how to write a video strategy’ or ‘How to use and understand your Google analytics’ for example.

These video courses are designed around you so let us know if you want us to cover specific topics and we’ll them to our list.

Then ask us to create one! We have the forum, this is designed for you to give us feedback. Tell us what you want us to create. At the end of the day this content is designed with you in mind. We often chat with clients and find out they need help on something. This inspires us to create a video course on it.

You can cancel your membership at any time. If you are paying monthly simply cancel your membership with Paypal or within the Thrive cart link email you got when you signed up. This will cancel your access and no further payments will be taken. If you decide the membership isn’t for you and genuinely don’t get any value from it when you first sign up then we’ll give you a full no quibble refund.

It means our existing Shot Blast Media client base gets free access to this platform. So if you’re commissioning professional video with us regularly you don’t need to sign up. Simply ask us for access and we’ll give you a free login.

Yes you can but it doesn’t mean it’s any good!

We’ve worked in the industry a long time so all the training courses you’re getting, you can be assured they come from a reputable source. We also work on these techniques for our own business all the time and with clients so you can be sure they are tried and tested. The aim of the content is to upskill you and help fast track your results from your marketing and communications.

This program is also a hub for marketing, communications managers, professionals and business owners. All the good stuff is in one place and means you can login in and get tips on what you actually need to know. We add new content each month so it’s always fresh and based on what our clients actually want to learn that’s going to help them get better results in a shorter space of time.