Mechanical + emotional = meaningful

Compelling stories create impact and a clear video strategy drives engaging content that gives our clients a meaningful and authentic voice. Here’s an insight into our approach to filtering and distilling the gold from the grind.


Getting to site and meeting the key players is our first step. 121’s with your important people and insights into your brand, the market and your materials help us to unearth the gems that inspire great stories.

Getting clarity

A keen review of your marketing strategy helps us to get really clear on your goals. When we know what problem you’re trying to solve, we make a map of the type of content that’s likely to get best results.

Testing the water

Creative exercises with our wider team help us all to explore the material from the dig and start shaping the possibilities. Thinking about how you want your audience to feel, we match ideas to objectives, characters and emotions to see what will be the winning tales to tell.

Refining the experiments

Our imaginations have run wild. Now it’s time to nail down the strategy. The look, the feel and the type of film will be spec’d out in all of its quirky detail.


Pre-planning for the shoot involves crafting a shot list, working out logistics and producing RAMS. We also gather assets like brand guidelines and logos.

Production miracles

Filming and animation starts with our expert industrial media crew, on site with full PPE and CSCS cards. Capturing the magic that can later be crafted into something special.

Batch delivery – the transformation is complete

Now’s the time for Full HD delivery. We’ve gone from hi-vis to Hi-Res in a variety of formats for multiple media.


Editing, colour-grading and motion graphics are added to the mix here. Any custom elements or multi-lingual options are set. Once we’re done, the drafts are delivered for you to check.

Aftercare and measurements

Making sure the films work for you is what it’s all about. Beyond the video production process, our aftercare team check in on the strategy and its success. Understanding the audience response to this campaign will give important insights into the ongoing game plan.

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