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Whether you're exploring video production for the first time, have tried it before or use it regularly we strive to make the process as simple as possible. We're always at hand to help answer any questions, but first take a look at our 6 FAQ's. Feel free to get in contact with us if your query hasn't been answered below!

How Long Will It Take?

The process to produce a video is simple and doesn’t need to be overly complicated. We manage the project for you from start to finish. The first stage is to create a brief (if you don’t have one already) and from there we develop and storyboard the content.

Once the script is complete and signed off this goes into the production phase. Post production takes care of the editing process and drafts are sent to you to approve.

With a few slight tweaks here and there you’re video is complete and ready to be launched. This entire process for most of our clients falls between 3-5 weeks, depending on the type of video and duration of the project.

What Style Will Work Best For My Company?

This is a good question, the simple answer is we don’t know until we learn more about you and what you’re looking to achieve. The key, is starting with the objective and your outcome and working from there.

For some clients this will be video production for others 3D animation might be more suitable, including 2D animation or motion graphics. Clients with large premises and multiple sites sometimes opt for drone or time-lapse projects.

The good news is there is so much variety to help you best convey your message. We cover everything so check out Our Work to give you some more ideas.

Who Needs To Be Involved In The Process?

This will depend on the size of business. For smaller businesses we would normally work directly for the managing director or business owner.

In some cases also alongside a creative agency or outsourced marketing manager.

For companies with a marketing department, a marketing director or operations directors would be our main point of contact.

We recommend keeping the team small and with the right decision makers to keep the project moving.

Can I Use It For A Variety Of Purposes?

Yes, video is ideal to be used across a variety of platforms and channels. It has a wide reach which is what makes it so effective.

Typically our clients will use video on their website, on social media channels, at exhibitions and events, in sales meetings and presentations, as part of tender submissions, within e-learning and induction materials and on the staff intranet.

Footage can also be re edited and packaged for alternative purposes. In some cases we have used footage shot for a marketing campaign again within an induction package. We also tailor the production to provide you with maximum longevity for your video so you can really make the most from it.

How Can I Measure My Return On Investment?

It’s important for any business that is investing in something new to gain a tangible benefit and do something that adds value. How you measure the success of your video will depend on what you are using it for.

Marketing videos can be tracked online through YouTube analytics, this can determine the amount of views you are getting, audience, location etc. This in itself is not enough to determine your sales or conversions so its important to take some metrics before and after the video is launched.

Asking customers and staff for feedback can provide you with some qualitative outcomes, be sure to build this into your prospecting, sales and induction process.

How Will I Be Supported Once The Project Is Complete?

This is a common mistake made by plenty of video production companies. They produce a video that might look amazing but leave their clients wondering what to do with it!

We take care of this from the get go within our consultation with you. It’s important that we understand what resources you have in house and where you may need additional support.

All of our clients are supplied with video aftercare materials to help them make the most of their videos. Our wide network of suppliers and contacts means we can also refer you to other experts to support you with your wider communications.

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