Wolf Safety | Product Explainer Animated Video

Project Brief

Wolf Safety approached Shot Blast regarding a product launch.

They wanted a video that could help outline the benefits of their product in a simple format to viewers.

They mentioned that they were looking for an engaging tool that they could use to promote the product online, in sales presentations & at events.

Video Solution

We collaborated with Wolf Safety and created a simple product animation video for their product The WF-300®XL's launch

The video works to engage viewers in the benefits of the product, working as an explainer and demonstration video. This style helps to break down complex topics into bitesized visual chunks that all audiences can fully understand.


It's still early days for this video, however Wolf Safety have commented that it's been a great tool to use at their latest exhibition.

They've had great feedback about the video, both internally and from external viewers and are very interested in creating more visual content for their products in the future!

We hope to collaborate with this amazing company again in the future.

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