Rainguard Animated Product Marketing and Demonstration Videos

Project Brief

Rainguard came to us with the question of how they can market their products in an engaging way. From this, Shot Blast Media's production team began to build a plan to create a series of animated explainer videos demonstrating step by step instructions of their rainwater and guttering systems.

The videos intended to show both a technical and non technical audience a simple break down of how to get the most out of each product, including how they're fitted and what they've been designed to achieve.

Video Solution

To do all of this, Shot Blast Media began to build a series of 3D animated videos. By using animation instead of video production, we were able to break down the detail and highlight the exact areas that viewers needed to focus on in each step.

When it comes to technical product explainer videos, we truly believe that animation is the most efficient and simple way to clearly demonstrate all stages of industrial processes.


It's still early days for the videos, however Rainguard have commented that they're pleased with firstly, the sheer attention to detail and secondly, the speedy turnover from brief to delivery.

The company are looking to commission more to add to this product demo series later this year. We look forward to collaborating with them again!

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