Powapost Animated Product Explainer & Demo

Project Brief

Here at Shot Blast Media productions we work with each business closely to fully understand your business, gauging the areas that work, and those that need some development. By understanding pressures on your business our talented production team can tailor video content to aid your business to fully flourish online.

This process of development and partnership is the core reason our client satisfaction rate is so high, we understand that each business has an individual need and therefore will need an individual solution. Corporate creativity with a solution focus is our expertise.

For this project Shot Blast Media collaborated with BPC Building Solution's gardening and landscape sector, Powapost.

our production team set out on creating five 3D animated short videos to explain each product and give a demonstration of how the product could be used.

Video Solution

This visual representation of a complex topic helps to break down communication barriers so the customer can under the product's full value. This is turn leads to greater conversion and sales online when used in conjunction with an e-commerce website.


After watching a video 64% of users are more likely to purchase a product online.

This video originally intended for marketing purposes resulted in being a multipurpose tool for the company.

The video will be used to train employees and distributors of each products uses and capabilities as well as to externally educate their customers.

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