Project Brief

Highgrove approached us with the task of making regular progression videos of their newest industrial development site using our drones. They wanted us to capture the entire landscape, capturing all of the updates in and around the site.

Video Solution

Every few weeks our pilot shot the landscape of the site, focussing on areas that has been developed further from the week before. The sheer size of the site allowed our drones to get as much footage as need and more. Each video made included not just updates to the site but also fresh dynamic shots and movement of our drone of various different points of interest. Whether that be overhead shots of the farm area, or quickly paced tracking shots of the roadside and the site's stream.


Highgrove have been delighted with our videos. It's a fantastic opportunity to have a project to work on continuously such as this one. Giving us the experience to do something different with out drones every week, and to keep working with a remarkable client like Highgrove over and over.

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