GMI Construction Case Study

Project Brief

GMI Construction approached Shot Blast Media about an active build in Thorpe Park. The company wanted to capture the exciting processes on site.

The brief was to produce an educational case study video production that would look at a particularly interesting area of the build...the pipe jacking.

GMI needed to move a mainline gas pipe using very advanced techniques. This process caused various stakeholders to come together and collaborate.

The pipe jacking process took about 2 weeks and we were set with the task of capturing the process from start to end.

GMI wanted a multipurpose video, so whilst on site we were also set with the task of making the video more of a education piece by getting feedback from the workers, to offer an insight into the industry. They wanted to highlight the advantages of working in the construction sector to future engineers.

Video Solution

Shot Blast filmed the process over 2 days, the first day was used to capture the early stages of the process. On the second day, we communicated more with the workers to interview people in various industries whilst also capturing the phased process of the pipe jacking work.

The tone of the video is conversational, starting with an introduction of the build, followed by the more educational soundbites from the workers.

To create an engaging piece, due to the video having so much information in we needed to keep it interesting by using a range of filming techniques. For this project, we used a mixture of time-lapse, gopro and standard video.

To get a full insight into the tunnelling work, we trained an operative to use the gopro and take the camera into the pipes with him. This gives viewers a truly first hand experience in what it'd be like to work in this confined space.


The video so far has been received well both internally and externally. It's been shared to all areas of GMI, Northern Gas Network & with wider stakeholders who had a part in the build.

It's also been used for promotion and educational purposes in schools and academies to inspire future engineers.

The video is also being utilised in meetings, as a simple visual tool to show the complex process of pipe jacking.

The video has been a great talking point for GMI, they've received feedback about how educational and engaging the video is.

It's also working as an indirect marketing exercise whilst also capturing a unique process that may be a once in a lifetime project to work on.

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